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Stephanos Sitcipus Net Worth: Stephanos Tsitipas is a Greek professional tennis player with a net worth of $ 11 million. As of 2021, he is the youngest player to enjoy a top-ten ranking within the ATP, and he has reached the top-five rankings in the past. These records also make him the highest ranked Greek player in history. Stefanos made a name for himself after winning the 2019 ATP Finals, becoming the youngest player to achieve this feat in 18 years.

Tsitsipas was introduced to tennis at an early age by his father, who trained as a tennis coach. He was running a racket at just three years old, and by the age of six he was committed to regular tennis lessons. His ability soon became apparent when he reached the number one ranking in the world as a junior player. After training extensively in France, Stephanos Tsitipas made his professional debut and won his first ATP match by 2017. After this, many titles were won in 2018 and today Stephanos is considered one of the best players in the tennis world.

early life: Stephanos Tsitipas was born on 12 August 1998 in Athens, Greece. Raised by a Greek father and a Russian mother, both of whom are experienced tennis players, Tsitsippus acknowledged the widespread influence of tennis on his upbringing. His mother was once the top-ranked junior player in the world who represented the Soviet Union at the professional level. Both her mother and father worked as tennis instructors, and they had four other children from Stephanos. All his children became tennis players.

At the age of three, Tsitsipa began working with his father and learned to hit tennis balls with a racket. He also regularly watched tennis games on television with his family. Although Stephanos also played other sports while growing up, he ultimately decided to focus on a career as a future tennis professional. Tsitsippus later stated that her father “did not make the decision for her,” and that she chose herself as a nine-year-old.

After enrolling in tennis lessons in Athens, Stephanos’ father became his primary coach – a position he still holds today. Tennis is not a very popular sport in Greece, and it is something that Tsitipas has promised to change during his career. To train his children more efficiently, Stephanos’ father formally studied tennis coaching at the University of Athens. In 2015, Stephanos went on to study at the Patrick Mauretoglou Academy in France, although he also trained regularly in Greece.

Junior Career: At the age of 14, Tsitsipas began playing on the ITF junior circuit. By 2015, he was competing in the Grand Slam tournament. His best result during this period was the quarter-finals at the Australian Open. By the end of 2015, he had reached the number-14 ranking as a world junior.

In 2016, Stephanos stepped up his game considerably. He reached the quarterfinals of all eight tournaments he entered, including four Grand Slams. After winning his first title at Trofeo Bonfiglio, Tsitsip earned a world ranking of number one among juniors. Another notable win came when he partnered with Kenneth Raism to win the doubles at Wimbledon. By the end of his time as a junior, he had come second in the world rankings.

Stephanos Sitcipus Net Worth

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professional career: In 2017, Stefanos played his first ATP main draw at the Rotterdam Open. He lost this debut match and several other matches. His first win came after he claimed the Challenger title in Genoa. By the age of 19, Tsitsip had reached the top 100 in the ATP rankings. It was not until 2018 that Stephanos actually broke up. This year, he reached the final of the Masters, and became the Next General ATP Finals Champion. By the end of the year, he was named the ATP Most Improved Player.

In 2019, the success of Tsitsipas continued. He became the ATP Final Champion, reached the Australian Open semi-finals, and claimed the top-five ATP rankings. In 2020, Stefanos initially struggled to maintain the same performance he had displayed in the previous two years. His major achievement that year was reaching the French Open semi-finals. However, he was unable to defend his 2019 ATP Finals title. In 2021, he reached the semi-finals of the Australian Open for the second time in his career.

playing style: Tsitipas is a well-rounded player, but he likes to keep an aggressive approach. Described as a baseliner, Stephanos concentrates on powerful forestrokes, utilizing a semi-western grip to deliver a strong forehand. His service is also quite powerful, and he usually uses quite a toppin. This strategy results in him going to the net more often than the normal baseline player. His weaknesses include making unexpected errors, overheating, and working on the backhand side.

One of the most unique things about Tsitsipas is the fact that he prefers one-handed backhand. This is quite rare in modern tennis, although great people like Roger Federer have also used this method. Because Stephanos grew up playing on clay in Greece, he worked on this surface. That being said, his favorite surface is actually grass. His quiet and composed raga earned him critical acclaim.

Near-drowning incident: While Tsitsipas was still a junior tennis player, he experienced a near-death in Crete. During a break between the games, Stephanos was swimming in the ocean. A current drove him away from the shore and he almost drowned. His father saved his life and the incident remained with Tatsipas for the rest of his life. In fact, he attributes his “fearless” playing style to this incident.

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