Steam Sauna Pros and Cons

Steam Sauna Pros and Cons

Steam Saunas are becoming increasingly common and many types are now available. The traditional sauna has hot stones over which water would be poured to generated steam. That is the steam sauna and it causes the inside temperature to heat up to between 70 and 100 degrees Celsius. Their humidity tends to be at about 20%.

Steam Sauna
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Steam saunas are truly a luxury product, just like hot tubs. In fact, a lot of people will use the steam sauna after going in the hot tub. However, Finnish saunas, as they are also known, are now much more affordable, costing anywhere from around $2,500 upwards.

The Benefits of Steam Saunas

One of the greatest benefits of steam saunas is that they are very good for your health. In Finland, they are so popular that there are actually more saunas than cars in the country, or so they say. Whether that is true or not is irrelevant because it is an absolute fact that they are very popular there and that Finnish people are very healthy thanks to them.

When you use a steam sauna, your blood flow is improved and you burn a lot of calories. They are also able to relieve pain in the lower back, as well as arthritis. This is why they are so popular in sports medicine, as athletes can use them to stretch and warm up before competitions. Additionally, they can return to the sauna after their competition to relieve their body from the pain.

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The Disadvantages of Steam Saunas

The only real disadvantage is that you must always use them in moderation. If you use them for too long or too often, you could experience dehydration or a heat stroke and it has even been known to be fatal. This is why you should always use a steam sauna with someone else, and why you should always set a timer. Additionally, they should not be used when you are tired, just in case you fall asleep.

Also, the heaters on these saunas are very inefficient, which means they need a lot of power. This can actually be as high as 10kW, which is bad for your energy bills and the environment. Furthermore, mold and bacteria can grow very easily in these saunas, which is why you have to deep clean them regularly if you want to remain healthy.

This shouldn’t put you off buying a sauna, however. They are now many other types of saunas as well that achieve the same effects but are more modern and use more efficient technology. The infrared sauna is particularly popular and many people are choosing to have it installed in their homes or in their gardens. The infrared sauna is portable and energy efficient, as well as being far more hygienic as mold and bacteria do not thrive in infrared heat.

Either way, choosing to invest in a sauna is a great investment in your own mental and physical health and well-being. It is a true mind, body and soul experience.

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