Starsky & Hutch: 10 things to know about the cult series to see on Paramount Channel – News…

After Mission Impossible and Super Jaimie, Paramount Channel invites French viewers to rediscover another cult series on the small screen: Starsky & Hutch, its laid-back police duo, its legendary car and unforgettable credits!

starsky & hutch: 10 things to know about the cult series to see on paramount channel - news...

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From January 17, (re)discover the four seasons of the Starsky & Hutch series on Paramount Channel from Monday to Friday at 6:45 p.m., in French.

It was in the summer of 1978 that the famous police duo Starsky and Hutch landed on French television, just as their adventures were almost at their end on the other side of the Atlantic. Breathing a breath of fresh air into this very popular genre, these “two cops who are a little dreamy and laughing but who always win in the end” marked a whole generation of viewers.

Starsky and Hutch in The Rookies?

When Aaron Spelling, essential producer of the small screen, and his partner Leonard Goldberg present their idea of ​​a new cop duo like no other to screenwriter William Blinn, the latter is enthralled by these characters and wants to integrate them into… an episode of the detective series The Rookies. Starsky and Hutch finally become the heroes of their own show, whose pilot will be written by William Blinn.

Hutch wanted to be… Starsky

On the poster for the film Magnum Force with Clint Eastwood in 1973, David Soul attracted the attention of the producers of Starsky & Hutch who offered him the role of Kenneth Hutchinson, alias Hutch, the sensitive and thoughtful policeman of the duo. However, on reading the script, the actor prefers the role of Starsky, even recently declaring on the microphone of the British program The Morning that he found Hutch “rather boring”. However, the producers will have the last word!

starsky & hutch: 10 things to know about the cult series to see on paramount channel - news...
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Who will be the ideal Starsky?

More than 80 actors are auditioned to play his sidekick, the casual Starsky. Paul Michael Glaser manages to make the difference by opting for a relaxed acting style: rather than using the strong way like his competitors, the actor nibbles peanuts in the middle of the interrogation scene. And the role is his!

An unforgettable car…

Having become one of the most famous cars on television, the duo’s red Ford Gran Torino almost turned out to be a green and white Camaro. General Motors, however, did not wish to enter into a partnership with the series and it is therefore the car manufacturer Ford which will benefit from this product placement.

… but hated by its driver!

This vehicle, identifiable by its color and its famous white stripe, an idea of ​​designer George Barris, to whom we also owe the Batmobile of the 60s series, was however not to the taste of actor Paul Michael Glaser who repeated several times “to hate” this car: too conspicuous, difficult to manoeuvre…

starsky & hutch: 10 things to know about the cult series to see on paramount channel - news...

Starsky and Hutch in front and behind the camera

The two leading actors in the cult series also had the opportunity to go to the other side of the camera. David Soul directed three episodes of Starsky & Hutch, while his counterpart Paul Michael Glaser directed four, including the last in the series. A first experience that they were able to repeat later on television, but not only for the interpreter of Starsky!

A nice line-up of guests

They were not yet all known to the general public at the time, but many actors went through the Starsky & Hutch box: Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman), Jeff Goldblum (Jurassic Park), Melanie Griffith (Le Bûcher des vanités ), Suzanne Somers (Notre belle famille), Kim Cattrall (Sex & the City) or even John Ritter (Hands off my daughters), among many others.

The French touch

If the Starsky & Hutch series has met with such success in France, it is largely thanks to the performances of actors Francis Lax (Hutch) and Jacques Balutin (Starsky). Although the French dubbing smoothed out the very different characters of the characters, it brought an added touch of humor that won over audiences.

starsky & hutch: 10 things to know about the cult series to see on paramount channel - news...
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A cult generic

Even without having seen a single episode, you have certainly already heard the credits of Starsky & Hutch, interpreted in French by Lionel Leroy, who died in 2021 and to whom we also owe the credits Grendizer ’82 and Ulysses 31. For fun , we whisper a few words to you so that it stays in your head: “Starsky & Hutch, new knights with a big heart but who are never afraid of anything…”

Take control of the Gran Torino!

On the occasion of the broadcast of the Starsky & Hutch series, Paramount Channel is offering two lucky people the opportunity to win a Xiami Mi Smart Compact video projector thanks to an event contest. At the wheel of the famous Gran Torino, try to reach the finish line within the allotted 60 seconds by avoiding barriers and collecting bonus license plates.

Visit the contest site from January 17 to February 28, 2022!

The four seasons of the Starsky & Hutch series are broadcast on Paramount Channel from Monday to Friday at 6:45 p.m. in French.

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