Star Wars Reveals Why Anakin Built C-3PO

Star Wars has finally explained one of the greatest mysteries of the prequel trilogy – why would Anakin Skywalker build a droid like C-3PO?

Star Wars has finally explained why Anakin Skywalker build C-3PO. When George Lucas launched the prequel trilogy in 1991, it was clear he envisioned it as the origin story of Anakin Skywalker. To the surprise of viewers, though, Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace also turned out to be the origin of C-3PO, who was revealed to have been created by the slave-boy Anakin on Tatooine.

It seems that, when C-3PO thanked his Maker in the original trilogy, he was actually speaking of Anakin Skywalker. C-3PO hadn’t been built in a factory, but rather had been pieced together by a child who was desperate for an outlet for his creativity. Anakin had wanted to create a droid to help his mother, but this raised a curious question; why had he chosen to construct a protocol droid, one he loaded with knowledge of over six million forms of communication?

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Kristin Baver’s Skywalker: A Family At War is Lucasfilm’s official biography of the Skywalker family, and it finally explains this. According to Baver, Threepio was the manifestation of all Anakin’s hopes and dreams.

The boy longed for a life far from Tatooine, free to explore the galaxy and fulfill his dreams of becoming something far greater than a Toydarian’s property. The droid he constructed was capable of millions of forms of communication. Anakin dreamed that, one day, with C-3PO as his faithful traveling companion, he and his mother would be able to venture anywhere in the galaxy and be understood and be able to understand the natives, whatever their language.”

Screenshot from Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge featuring C-3PO.

Anakin’s childish dreams were only partly fulfilled, for while he was freed from slavery on Tatooine he was forced to leave his mother behind; C-3PO was gifted to Padmé BY Anakin after their marriage on Naboo and accompanied her as a faithful companion throughout the Clone Wars, his knowledge of millions of forms of communication perfectly suited to assist a senator. But, strangely, there is a sense in which Anakin’s dream for Threepio was fulfilled decades later when the droid took to traveling the galaxy with his children, Luke and Leia, helping them in spite of his fearful nature.

Though Anakin would never have imagined it, C-3PO became one of his principal gifts to the entire galaxy. On Endor, it was Threepio who managed to persuade the Ewoks to side with the Rebel Alliance, and without their involvement the shield protecting the Second Death Star would never have been deactivated. And without Threepio, Rey and her friends would never have recognized the language of the ancient Sith, which ultimately led them to the Sith redoubt of Exegol. A child’s dreams of adventure led him to create a droid who shared adventures with his own children, and played a crucial part in breaking the power of the Empire and dispelling the shadow of the Sith over the galaxy. These new revelations about C-3PO fit so well with the mythic aspects of the Star Wars franchise.

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