Star Wars Confirms Han Solo Was Never A True Smuggler

Recent Star Wars comics from Marvel continue to prove that Han Solo was never a true smuggler. He’s always been a hero and rebel from the start.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Star Wars #12 and Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #10

In recent Star Wars comics from Marvel, the argument that Han Solo was never a true smuggler in the galaxy gets even stronger. While Han might have played the part and wanted to pretend he was a scoundrel who only cared about himself and his next payday, that just wasn’t the case. Deep down, Solo is a Rebel and a hero, regardless of any protests and denials he might have strongly given during the original trilogy era of films.

In the recently released Star Wars #12 from writer Charles Soule with art by Ramon Rosanas, Princess Leia is thinking about Han, wanting nothing more than to get him back from the clutches of Boba Fett after the events of The Empire Strikes Back. It makes sense, considering she just confessed her love to him. She shares with Kes Dameron about the moment when she started to honestly care about Han, which was after he saved their secret base on Hoth from exploding while the rest of the Alliance was forced to evacuate. It was then that Leia knew that while Han played up being a smuggler because he liked the persona and flair that came with it, he was a Rebel and inspiring hero deep down at his core, which is why he stayed. For all his posturing, he genuinely believes in the Rebel cause.

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Funny enough, the recent Bounty Hunters #10 from Ethan Sacks with art by Paolo Villanelli essentially doubles down on this idea about Solo due to the cyborg hunter Beilert Valance. It’s thanks to Solo ignoring Imperial protocol in their shared past as cadets that Valance is even a cyborg to begin with (and not a corpse). As a result, Valance would become indebted to Solo, and the present has seen Valance sticking his neck out for a Rebel cell, seeking to pay his debt to Han for saving his life all those years ago. Remarkably, Solo ended up inspiring Valance to possibly believe in a cause as well.

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Despite Han’s words, his actions speak volumes about who he truly is, and it’s not a genuine smuggler; at least not how most smugglers would act. Whether it’s going back to Death Star to help Luke, making sure Princess Leia is safe, or even offering his ship to Lando to use in the battle to destroy the second battle station, Solo is much more of a true Rebel and hero than he’d ever let on. It all goes back to when Han was first starting his career in SOLO: A Star Wars Story when he was trying to make it as a smuggler and outlaw. Despite his wishes to be that sort of person, his first love Qi’ra knew what Leia later discovered after Hoth: Han Solo is ultimately the good guy.

These two new issues help to further establish Solo’s character in the Star Wars galaxy, as they both provide even more examples of moments where Han was the furthest thing from a smuggler looking out for himself and was instead the ideal Rebel, hero, and good guy. While he could certainly play the part of the man he thought he wanted to be, it seems as though Han Solo can’t help but be a hero, which is a pretty entertaining character dynamic all things considered.

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