71 Unique Star Tattoos for Men and Women

Star Tattoos are a popular trend nowadays. We can almost see everyone having stars tattooed on their body. When we hear the word “STARS”, an immediate picture that comes to our minds is the tiny, little shimmering light in the sky that shines in the night. Ever wonder where they come from?

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22. Nautical Stars Tattoos On The Chest

Star Tattoos For Men

Star tattoos for men are usually large, with solid colors that usually have sharp edges.

23. Nautical Star Tattoos On Ankle

Star Tattoos On Ankle And Foot

Nautical stars are symbolic stars associated with the sea services.

24. Rainbow Colored Stars Tattoos

Star Tattoos For Womens Back

Ladies are fun-spirited individuals. There’s no wonder that her tattoos have different colors that mean fun!

25. Arms Star Tattoos Design For Men

Star Tattoos With Shading

Men usually prefer black shaded big stars to make it look more manly.

26. Rainbow Colored Star Tattoos On The Neck

Star Tattoos Designs For Back Of Neck

Star tattoos are models or a version of the real star that we see each night.

27. Star Tattoos On Face

Star Tattoos Face

Tattoos are usually placed anywhere in the body. On this picture, the lady went beyond what is common and tattooed stars on her face and it looks adorable.

28. Wrist Star Tattoos

Star Tattoos Design

Star tattoos also represent joy and fun. It adds beauty to your body.

29. Tribal Star Tattoos

Stars also signify achievement of higher goals in life.

30. Gun Designs Star Tattoos

Star Tattoos Back Of Arm

Stars tattoos also present a bright and shining point in one’s life.

31. Shaded Star Tattoo

Star Tattoos For Women

Stars also represent a change in someone’s life may it be a short love affair or a special event.

32. Pentagram Star With Names

A pentagram star is often believed to be a symbol of protection and balance. In this tattoo, the bearer added names.

33. Big Nautical Star Tattoo With Names

Star Tattoos With Names Inside

Another star combined with names. Nautical stars are a common tattoo for men and women. Nautical stars are used by sailors for direction.

34. Name Surrounded By Stars Tattoo

You can also customize your star tattoos by putting your names and choose your own font.

35. Shooting Star Tattoos On The Shoulder

Star Tattoos For Men

Star tattoos are pleasing to the eye.

36. Star Tattoos With Anchor And Rope

Star Tattoos For Mens Arm

An HD nautical star tattoo with anchor and rope. Nautical stars were used by sailors for directions that’s why it has a connection to maritime aspects.

37. Shooting Star Tattoos On The Side Of The Stomach

Star Tattoos For Womens

Curves combined with stars that show a flowing characteristic.

38. Triple Star Tattoos With Sayings

Star Tattoos Sayings

Star tattoos are also unique if you combine it with sayings.

39. Symbolized Star Tattoos

Star Tattoos For Womens Back

A star tattoo combined with other symbols.

40. Star Tattoos With Hearts

Star Tattoos For Womens Feet

Stars tattoos combined with heart tattoos are great ideas too.

41. Solid Star Tattoos

Star Tattoos For Back Shoulder

A solid star tattoo for men. A galaxy was drawn inside the star.

42. Triple Star Tattoos For Men

Star Tattoos For Men

Triple star tattoos are a common design for men. This star tattoo is shaded dark red.

43. Falling Star Tattoos For Women

Falling star tattoos are often inked on the side of women. Side tattoos are also common for women. It’s either a combination of big and small stars or just big stars.

44. Outlined Confetti Star Tattoos At The Side

Star Tattoos Side Stomach

Outlined star tattoos are also a great idea. It is simple yet captivating.

45. Solid Stars And Red Shaded Star Tattoos

Star Tattoos For Womens Back

Colored stars tattoos are common tattoos for women.

46. Star Tattoo With Prints

Star Tattoos With Flowers

You can also add quotes or prints to your star tattoo.

47. Colorful Star Tattoos

Cute combination of a different colored star on the stomach.

48. Different Shaded Star Tattoos

Star Tattoos For Back Shoulder

A unique star tattoo. One star is shaded like a leopard, the other one is a zebra, the other one as the milky way and others are nautical stars.

49. Star Tattoo With Flowers and Butterflies

Star Tattoos With Flowers

Another unique design of star tattoos is a combination of flowers and butterflies.

50. Solid Star Tattoo On Wrist

Wrist Star Tattoos For Guys

Solid tattoo stars on the wrist look amazing.

52. Star Tattoo With Musical Symbols

Star Tattoos For Womens Back

Stars tattoos look unique if you combine it with musical symbols. These tattoos are for music lovers.

53. 3D Star Tattoo On Arms

Star Tattoos With Meaning

3D star tattoos on a man’s arms with different words like life, love, insanity, and friendship.

54. Geometric Star Tattoo

Star Tattoos For Back

A beautifully drawn geometric star tattoo on the back.

55. Nautical Star Tattoo On A Rope

A nautical star dangling on a rope which gives more meaning to sailors.

56. Shooting Star Tattoo On Neck

Small Shooting Star Tattoos

Sizes and shapes also depend on your preferred design. The neck is a common placement of star tattoos for women.

57. Nautical Star Tattoo On Arms

Star Tattoos For Upper Arms

A red and black nautical star tattoo. Colorful tattoos are always attractive. Make sure the tattoo ink used has high quality so the color won’t fade fast.

58. North Star Tattoo

Star Tattoos For Womens

A north star tattoo was a symbolic sign for the Christians. It was used as a sign of location pointing to the birthplace of Jesus.

59. Pentagram Star Tattoo On Shoulder With Moon and Stars

Star Tattoos For Womens Shoulder

A unique tattoo for women. A Pentagram star was enclosed with a tribal symbol.

60. Tiny Stars On Ring Finger

Female Star Tattoos Ideas

Small stars shaded in black drawn on the ring finger.

61. Tiny Star Tattoo On Ankle

Shooting Star Tattoos

A small and big star tattoo on foot. Small tattoos are also unique because they are not that noticeable to the eye. These are common to women who wants a simple but unique tattoo.

62. Pentagram Star Tattoo On Arms

Star Tattoos Design

A big pentagram star with a more curved and pointy edge.

63. Star Tattoo On Shoulder With Wings

Star Tattoos Shoulder Designs

A bright colored stars on the shoulder with an ancient Egypt theme. Bright colors are soothing to look at.

64. Star Tattoos On Arms

Star Tattoos For Mens Arm

A masculine star tattoo for men which has a combination of chain and star.

65.  Blue Nautical Star Tattoo

Star Tattoos Design

A blue and black nautical star tattoo with stardusts that looks like it’s shining and shimmering.

66. Colorful Tiny Stars On Ring Finger

Small Star Tattoos

Another small star tattoos but, this time, it is combined with colored small star tattoos.

67. Red And Blue Nautical Stars

Star Tattoos Back Of Arm

Red and blue 3D nautical star tattoos on the back of the arms. Red and blue are totally captivating.

68. Star Tattoo With Lightning

Star Tattoos For Mens Arm

A unique tattoo star tattoo that seems to be struck by lightning.

69. 3D Red Star Tattoo With Thread

Star Tattoos For Back

A 3D star tattoo that looks like it is sewn on the skin.

70. Outline Star Tattoo On A Colored Background

Star Tattoos For Womens

An outlined star tattoo with a watercolor tattoo background.

71. Nautical Stars Tattoo With Skulls And Names

Star Tattoos With Names

A nautical star tattoo on the chest with skulls and names.

There you are! We are done with 71 unique star tattoos designs and ideas. We hope you were able to get enough ideas on your star tattoo. We also hoped that you were inspired by these stars as these represent many different things. Many of us look up to the sky at night, look at the stars and wonder what life is ahead for all of us. We hope that no matter what journey you take, always remember to look up and remember that stars are there to light your path.

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