Star cyclist Fabian Cancellara creates trophy room … in his sauna

Star cyclist Fabian Cancellara creates trophy room … in his sauna

However, to get an overview of the three Fabian Cancellara Paris-Roubaix trophies, you may need to remove your clothes and put a towel instead.

The Swiss cyclist has chosen to host his three paved trophies – awarded to the winner of the prestigious French race – in his home sauna, as Amanda Davies of CNN Sport discovered during their live chat on Instagram.

Cancellara is one of the few drivers to have won the race – famous for its rugged terrain and cobblestones – at least three times, and the decision to display the unique trophies in his sauna could be attributed to the hard work he devoted to his victories.

“Normally, in the sauna, I don’t wear clothes but for the moment, it’s off,” he told Davies. “It’s a tough race, but it’s a great race. I love watching it on TV now because it’s difficult.

“It is different from all the others because it is flat and these pavers are not easy, they are really rough and that may be why they are in the sauna, because there is a lot of sweat in these races. “

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Cancellara celebrates on the podium after the Paris-Roubaix cycling race 2013.

“Sport is a magnet”

As the coronavirus pandemic has spread, sport has suffered. Besides some outliers, most of the events were canceled or postponed.

Paris-Roubaix, originally scheduled for April 12, has been postponed to October 25.

As countries begin to recover, the sport has resumed, with no fans present.

The Tour de France is one of the sports events concerned, going from June 27 to July 19 to August 29 to September 20.

The iconic French road race usually takes place every year, with millions of fans lining up on the streets to cheer on the competitors.

The retired from Cancellara, who has won seven individual stages of the Tour de France, thinks that the race can certainly take place without supporters, as French regulations may require, because some athletes block the supporters when they are fully concentrated.
Cancellara poses with one of her two gold medals at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

“When an athlete is in his concentration tunnel, he does not even see or hear the fans because he is so in the mode of concentration that the energy is only for that,” said the double. Olympic gold medalist.

“And if you get on the podium and there are no fans, of course, it sounds strange, but everyone knows the situation.”

Professional football in Korea started its 2020 season last weekend and the German Bundesliga is expected to restart this weekend.

And while it’s good to have live sports broadcast on TV for fans, Cancellara recognizes that the performance levels that athletes can achieve may not be as high without fans.

“When you play in an empty stadium, you have to be super mentally ready because when you play in front of fans you can run more, you can ride longer, you can go further, when you sacrifice, you can go longer ,” he said.

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“Sport is a magnet, sport is an emotion, sport gives something. Of course, some sports are fun to watch at home but first of all, I want to see the bikers, the staff, everyone comes in the same place then the tour caravan without spectators is already moving and it’s a good sign for the world. Sport is necessary for people at home. “

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