1021+ Spiritual Tattoo Designs & Ideas on Spiritual Tattoos

Spirit animals, spiritual tattoos and spirit tattoos are among the most popular of tattoo designs because of their deep expression of meaning. Dragons representing fear and strength, water creatures representing harmony, friendship, playfulness, and freedom. Tattoo quotes, magic spells or other fantasies from your favorite books or movies, symbols of wisdom, magic or a strong connection with nature.

Now, what kind of spirit is close to you in your life? The one that you would eternalize on your body forever with a spiritual tattoo. One that gives you strength, power, and confidence to go about your daily life with ease and comfort. Whether its a dreamcatcher tattoo on your back, a star, angel wings tattoos or a classic tribal, the spirits may always be with you!

eye tattoo design

An eye tattoo is probably one of the most controversial designs one plans to have on his skin. Why? Let’s admit it, it’s a bit creepy. But did you … [Read more…] about 21 Best Eye Tattoo Designs with Images

bridal mehndi designs

There are a lot of wedding beliefs from different nations. One of the most common customaries is the bridal mehndi. It is commonly done in Pakistan, … [Read more…] about 115 Latest Bridal Mehndi Designs with Images (2020)

japanese geisha tattoo

The geisha tattoo is adored by those individuals who are fond of the Japanese culture.  Most often a geisha tattoo is depicted by a woman wearing … [Read more…] about 52 Japanese Geisha Tattoo Designs and Drawings with Images

couple tattoo

Having couples tattoos is the latest trend these days. It’s a great way of showing everyone how much love and affection you have devoted to one … [Read more…] about 52+ Shocking Couples Tattoos Ideas and Images (2020)

inspirational moon tattoo

Moon tattoos have become popular these days for both men and women who love being inked. These are not just pleasant to look at, these also symbolize … [Read more…] about 37 Inspirational Moon Tattoo Designs with Images

polynesian tattoo

A Polynesian tattoo is a type of ancient art that has a lot of meanings, therefore, it has become a popular choice for enthusiasts. Its delicate … [Read more…] about 53 Best Polynesian Tattoo Designs with Meanings (2020)

anchor tattoos

Anchor Tattoos are usually worn by sailors. However, during ancient times, the anchor was being used as a hidden symbol of Christianity. Christians … [Read more…] about 57 Anchor Tattoos for Men and Women with True Meaning (2020)

cross tattoo for men

Tattoos have been a staple of fashion and culture for a very long time. Studies show that the art of tattooing has been around for almost 12,000 … [Read more…] about 150 Best Cross Tattoos for Men (2020)

angel tattoo

Angel tattoos represent our love of God.  The word “angel” originates from the Greek word “aggelo.”  It signifies something to be announced or passed … [Read more…] about 100 Best Angel Tattoos for Men and Women

yin yang tattoo

Yin Yang tattoos, also known as Taijitu, is composed of two sides.  The black side is Yin while the white side is Yang. It depicts the … [Read more…] about 52 Unique Yin Yang Tattoos and Designs with Images

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