Spider-Man’s Jacob Batalon Has A Hoodie Of Tom Holland’s Umbrella Dance

Spider-Man: No Way Home actor Jacob Batalon sports a hoodie depicting co-star Tom Holland’s infamous “Umbrella” dance in a new photo.

Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s Jacob Batalon sports a hoodie depicting co-star Tom Holland’s infamous “Umbrella” dance in a new photo. With Spider-Man: No Way Home, Batalon will return for his fifth MCU movie, having previously appeared in the other two Spider-Man movies and briefly in two Avengers installments. Batalon plays Ned Leeds, Peter Parker’s (Holland) best friend and “guy in the chair.” Some have wondered if Spider-Man 3 could see Ned follow in his comic counterpart’s footsteps and become Hobgoblin, though right now everything is just speculation. The only thing that is certain is that he will be back.

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Holland rose to fame when he was cast as the MCU’s Spider-Man, and over the years he has cemented himself as one of the biggest young stars working today. When he isn’t playing Spidey, Holland has built a reputation for creating viral moments. Whether it’s accidentally spoiling Avengers: Infinity War or giving interviews without pants, he’s become the topic of several jokes. Perhaps his most popular Internet moment is his Lip Sync Battle performance from 2017, where he showed off his impressive dance moves (and ability to rock a skimpy costume) to Rihanna’s hit song “Umbrella.”

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That performance will live on forever, and Batalon has evidently taken it to a new level. On social media, Spider-Man fan lidia noted Batalon was spotted wearing a hoodie featuring a picture of Holland from the “Umbrella” number. The official Spider-Man: No Way Home account soon picked up on it and verbalized what many fans are surely thinking: “where’s mine.”

Batalon and Holland have become good friends throughout their time in the MCU, and Batalon’s subtle acknowledgement of Holland’s viral moment is hilarious. As Spider-Man: No Way Home gets closer and closer, expect more funny interactions between the two to crop up. Already, they joined forces with co-star Zendaya to troll fans over the title reveal for Spider-Man 3, and there is bound to be more silliness ahead as the press tour ramps up. Now, though, the question is: Seriously, where can we get that hoodie?

Spider-Man: No Way Home is expected to pick up from the previous installment, which ended with Peter’s identity being revealed to the world as he was framed for the murder of Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal). Peter will be in a tricky place when the movie begins, and he’ll have to rely on friends like Ned to get him through. Little else is known about Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s story, particularly since there have been conflicting reports about the supporting cast. Nevertheless, both Batalon and Holland will be back, and anticipation is already quite high.

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Source: Spider-Man: No Way Home/Twitter

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