Spider-Man Unleashes Dinosaurs Into King in Black’s Battle

In Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man tie-in to their King in Black event, Spider-Man teams up with a hero with incredible prehistoric abilities.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for King in Black: Spider-Man #1 

In the latest tie-in issue to Marvel’s King in Black, Peter Parker’s Spider-Man takes center stage, and he gets some much needed help from a one-man squad of dinosaurs. Knull the Symbiote God has been terrorizing the world with his legions, and Spider-Man is blaming himself for his attack. After all, if he hadn’t brought the symbiote back to Earth all those years ago in Secret Wars, Eddie Brock would have never become Venom, Cletus Carnage wouldn’t have become Carnage, and Knull would not be attacking the planet. As such, Peter Parker sees himself as “patient zero” for this symbiote invasion, though he quickly gets an awesome wake-up call from a young hero who reminds him what it means to be Spider-Man in spite of all that.

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King in Black: Spider-Man #1 comes from writer Jed MacKay with art by Michele Bandini, showcasing Spider-Man’s efforts to keep his cool and not succumb to a panic attack. With Eddie Brock believed to be dead and his son Dylan in harm’s way trying to stop Knull’s forces, Spider-Man is feeling as though there’s not much he can do in the face of the Symbiote God’s power. However, he soon comes across a young hero who helps shake those feeling of doubt and gets him out of his funk.

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In the tie-in issue, Spider-Man connects with Humberto Lopez, otherwise known as Reptil, who has the ability to turn into dinosaurs at will. A former student of Hank Pym at the Avengers Academy, Reptil confesses that Spider-Man is his hero and inspiration, motivating him to know his capabilities and what he can handle while finding his role in the midst of this massive invasion. While he might not be able to fight all of the symbiotes head-on, he can still save people and keep them safe, because that’s what Spider-Man himself would do. Peter is definitely taken aback, as Reptil has just given him a great reminder and encouragement about what he can still do as the Amazing Spider-Man. Joining Reptil, the duo help all they can, though at one point they do end up facing one of Knull’s massive dragons. However, Reptil ends up proving that maybe he can indeed face the symbiotes in a fight, turning into a mosasaurus straight out of Jurassic World.


After the dragon is defeated thanks to the combined efforts of Reptil and Spider-Man with a well-placed makeshift spear, the pair continues on to do more good in the city covered in darkness. Spider-Man and Reptil cover a lot of ground, fighting off as many symbiotes as they can, with Reptil transforming into all kinds of dinosaurs such as a T.rex, a pterodactyl, an ankylosaurus, and more. By working together, Spider-Man realizes that there’s still plenty he can do as a hero, and Reptil discovers his own capabilities and what he can do can be far greater than he initially thought. Turning into any dino is a pretty amazing power, and even Spider-Man asks him if he wants to trade powers at one point.

In any case, the Spider-Man/Reptil team-up is very entertaining in Marvel’s King in Black, and it’s not just for the epic prehistoric action. Spider-Man gets a much needed jumpstart in his hero work thanks to Reptil, which is a pretty cool dynamic to see. Plus…Reptil’s powers are quite cool. Fortunately, fans of Humberto Lopez will soon get to see Reptil in his own series coming this May from Marvel Comics.

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