Spider-Man Leads A New Guardians of the Galaxy Team

After countless years of eccentric Marvel team-ups, Spider-Man can now officially say he’s led his own team of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Warning: spoilers ahead for Symbiote Spider-Man: King in Black #5

Spider-Man has taken part in his fair share of Marvel team-ups throughout his webbed history, and now the wall-crawling hero can officially add ‘leading a Guardians of the Galaxy team’ to his ever-expanding list. As Marvel’s weirdest team ever finally joins together in the final issue of Symbiote Spider-Man: King in Black by Peter David and Greg Land, Spider-Man dubs this newly formed eclectic group of cosmic oddballs “The Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Symbiote Spider-Man is a unique King in Black Tie-in series in that it takes place several years in Marvel’s past, shortly after 1984’s Secret Wars storyline. Armed with the knowledge that the Black Knight’s Ebony Blade has the potential power to someday kill Knull, the shadowy servant known as Mister-E is tasked with stealing the coveted sword for his dark master. Meanwhile, an offbeat group consisting of Spider-Man, Rocket Raccoon, Kang the Conqueror, Captain Marvel, Ulik and his sister Ulicia have been orbiting the narrative thus far, only for the Watcher to have finally brought them all together on Knowwhere to divulge the high-stakes urgency behind the Ebony Blade.

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Issue five of the series opens as the band of Marvel misfits indulges in a round of drinks and discusses who among them should wield the Ebony Blade against Knull. As Spidey processes the space-fairing weirdness he’s been thrown into by kicking back drink after drink and making one sarcastic remark after another, the villainous Mister-E shows up to crash the plan and take the Ebony Blade from the Watcher’s possession. With Mister-E now wielding the mystical sword and the fate of the universe in the balance, the quirky group has no choice but to work together to stop him.

As they rally together, Mister-E taunts the space squad, telling them his destruction of the galaxy is inevitable. Now leading the group’s charge toward the villain, Spidey snaps right back at Mister-E, saying, “then consider us the Guardians of the Galaxy!” As a fun little addition of meta-humor, Captain Marvel calls Spider-Man out by telling him she’s “pretty sure that’s another group.” Rocket, however, is willing to let it slide on account of how much he likes the name – ironically, given he’ll someday become an integral member of the Guardians.

The fact that this clan of weirdoes with origins spanning the universe came together to answer the call against an unstoppable threat should have made it a no-brainer from the start that they’d eventually be assigned the Guardians insignia. Interestingly enough, this issue ends with the entire team’s memories of fighting together being taken from them. So, Spider-Man and the rest of the gang will never know they once joined together to save the universe as a team called the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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