Spider-Man 3 Leak May Confirm Certain Details

Spider-Man 3 Leak May Confirm Certain Details

Marvel has been very quiet over what people could expect to see in Spider-Man 3 when it is released in the future. Tom Holland, who will return as Peter Parker, mentioned when filming is going to start. But there are a few other details surrounding the movie that was leaked by inside sources.

The information comes as Marvel managed to get a deal with Sony this past year. The deal ensures that the Spider-Man character will continue to stay in Marvel’s extensive cinematic universe.

Spider-Man 3 Leak
Spider-Man 3 Leak

When Will It Start?

Tom Holland mentioned in an interview that the filming for Spider-Man 3 will start in July. The project is in pre-production, although it will continue to move forward. The film will also be shot in Atlanta. Holland stated that the story for Spider-Man 3 will be “insane,” although he did not go any further over what is happening.

Holland mentioned this during an interview for the animated film Onward. He is one of the lead voice actors in that film.

The Possible Title?

An inside source close to Marvel posted a message to 4Chan suggesting that the movie will be called Spider-Man: Home Run. The name would be a continuation of the “Home” theme that appears in the Holland era of Spider-Man films, including Homecoming and Far From Home.

However, people should not assume that this is going to be the definite name of the film. The official name would be revealed closer to next year, around the time when the film is going to premiere.

The Key Villain?

The same source also mentioned on 4Chan that Kraven the Hunter will be the main villain in the film. Kraven is a vigilante hunter who has appeared in many Spider-Man comics in the past.

The move could suggest an idea for the storyline. With the entire world knowing after the last movie that Peter Parker is Spider-Man, there’s a potential someone might hire Kraven to hunt him down.

Kraven was prominently featured in a 1987 comic storyline called Kraven’s Last Hunt. There’s a potential the film could be based on that storyline.

Who Else Will Star?

Outside of how Zendaya will return as MJ, it is unknown about who else will star in the third Spider-Man film. There are rumors that Henry Cavill or Jason Momoa could star as Kraven. But with Momoa working with DC and Cavill currently working on the television series the Witcher, it is uncertain if either of them will play a part.

Is This the End?

The last point about the film is that it will be released on July 16, 2021. But with this being the third film in the current Spider-Man series, there is a possibility it could be the last. Neither the inside source nor Holland has made any statements about this point.

Fans will have to watch for what could potentially happen in the film. The agreement between Marvel and Sony will ensure that it won’t be a concern over the film coming out and being a full Marvel production.

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