Spend Your Next Vacation at Hot Hotels In Smokin’ Cities

Spend Next Vacation at Hot Hotels In Smokin’ Cities

Spend Next Vacation : What are your main criteria for your next big vacation? Do you want a cruise in the ocean? Are you looking to head somewhere exotic for a foreign adventure? Are you looking for a survivalist trip through the wilderness, camping out under the stars? Or maybe, just maybe, you want comfort, convenience, personal luxury, familiar ground but with exciting opportunities in the surround area – and that means that you’re looking to stay at a top hotel in an exciting city!

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And five out those places stateside are going to be Las Vegas, with the lights and the New York, with the 24-hour culture and a billion people all smashed in a melting pot of intrigue, Los Angeles, with unbelievable weather and the film industry as a backbone, Seattle, with its hipster vibe and perpetual rain cloak, and Miami, where it’s like another universe has taken over, filled with music, clubs, and spectacular culture.

So, pick one of those five places, and then start looking at the right hotels to fit your bill in terms of quality, cost, and availability.

Las Vegas

las vegas

Vegas is a world-renowned hot spot because it’s just, so, particular. There are things that you can do there that just don’t fly anywhere else in the world. There’s money, and gambling, and history, and a culture that’s been adapting to the changing world just enough so that it can continue its legendary status. So if you’re going to head there for vacation, then you’re going to want to stay at one of the top 10 hotels in Las Vegas, without question. If you’re going to go in, you might as well go all in, and experience the city as it was meant to be experienced, with all of the glitz and glamor, with all of the noise and confusion, with all of the lights and action. Burn the candle and both ends until it’s time to leave!

New York

new york

The top hotels in New York are going to cost you a pretty penny, most assuredly, but if it’s a vacation you want, then it’s a vacation you’ll get. It’s just so crowded, and there’s so much to do, so many people being so busy, that when you want to stop and lie back and rest, you’re going to want the space that hotel room has to offer, without feeling cramped or rushed like when you’re out on the streets.

Los Angeles

los angeles

For movie fans, a vacation to Los Angeles is the trip of a lifetime, but you’ll vastly increase your chances of seeing the high and mighty if you stay at the top hotels there as well. Prices are going to be astronomical, but that’s an understood even as soon as you start looking. There are some vacation packages that you can sign up for that can create a bit of a financial buffer when it comes to including things like air fare and car rental into the gig, so if you are trying to be smart about money, that’s going to be the way to go.



Seattle is the smallest city on a list of hot vacation spots, and the type of excitement that you’ll find there is much deeper than in other cities. You have to dig around to find it – it’s not so obvious. You might even have to meet the right people to know where to go, and that’s where staying at the best hotels in the Seattle is going to help you out. That’s where you’re going to find those people that will lead you in the right direction of nightlife, culinary spots, and underground events.



And finally, for the biggest culture swing possible, staying at hotels down in Miami and around Miami Beach is going to be the journey of a lifetime as well. The shops, the clubs, the music, the food, will be unlike anything that you’ve ever experience, and when the day is over, or the night is done, heading back to those luxury hotels will feel like the most perfect thing that you’ve ever done. For the see-and-be-seen type, the southeast coast is going to be a perfect destination.

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