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Special Christmas gift ideas and New Year Gift ideas

Special Christmas gift ideas and New Year Gift ideas

Special Christmas gift ideas : Now that New Year and Christmas is coming, it is the time of gifts, flowers, cakes, the Christmas tree and the Santa Claus. This is the time for fun and family gathering. In addition, it will not matter even if you are not present at friends or family gatherings. You can always send gifts online for your near and dear once. This article has brought you the best gift ideas for both Christmas and New Year. We bet these gifts will make the celebrations of New Year and Christmas really memorable for you. Have a look!

Special Christmas gift ideas

  1. Let’s start with Candles Bible and Christmas pie

You don’t need to spend a lot for the Christmas gifts. Christmas is a time for love and care. Moreover, the best gift is to portray how much you care for the person. Create handmade candles, pies and take a holy Bible along with it. Wrap them in shining and glossy papers. Present your loved ones! Believe me; this will be like gifting a part of your happiness to those you love. Bible portrays good times, sweeten your relationship with the pie and let the light of the candle bring new hope. That sounds just mesmerizing!

  1. Gift gadgets for teenagers

For the friends of any age, gadgets can be a really great gift.At present there are innumerable gadgets to select. You can opt for the classy headphones of Sony, or the speakers, maybe a camera, an Xbox or even a mid-budget smartphone for your loved one. Well, that might burn a hole in your pocket. However, the expense becomes more valuable with the smile and happiness in your loved one’s face. What is the use of having money if it cannot bring a smile during Christmas time? Moreover, yes, rest assured, there are gadgets available for every age.

  1. The divine supper with classic wine

Its winter season and snowy outside. We bet your loved ones would just love to dig into the Turkeys. To add a touch of class, gift them Wine hampers with dinner vouchers. This can be a great treat for the New Year. Make sure that the restaurant offers Christmas and New Year feasts with great music. Wines are one of the classiest gifts for your near and dear ones. And the dinner vouchers/hampers add to the joy of New Year celebration. It is totally your call though, but a lot of restaurants offer dinner vouchers/hampers during New Year.

  1. A photo memoir

A picture speaks thousand words. And this is why your loved ones are really going to enjoy this. You can opt for a Christmas themed photo album or a New Year celebration themed collage. You can add the pictures of you and your partner or your friends/family. Check out the digital photo frames/memoirs available online. Pictures are best preserved in frames. That may be digital or hard frames. The special moments that you have spent together, becomes more special when it is displayed on frames.

  1. A snow sport evening

Now this is a really unique gift. Especially for the person who just loves adventure. Dash through the snow on a single horse open sleigh. Gift them an evening at a snow sport resort. They will have their share of a really exciting Christmas. And you won’t have to worry too much about your pocket. It is a win-win situation for both. Trust me; there is nothing more exciting on Christmas than riding that sleigh and getting the feel of Santa Clause. It is for a small time, but they will remember it throughout the year.

  1. Goodies and personal care hampers

Winter is the time your skin needs the most care. So your partner would be looking for the some skin care lotions. Christmas and New Year is the time when you get a lot of discounts. You can check out the handpicked skin care hampers online. Or you can also opt for the discounts in retail stores. Online stores offer better discounts and create great gift packs. Anyone needs personal care hampers throughout the year. And Christmas time is always full of them. Starting from Victoria’s secret to bath and body work, you will get almost everything at discount prices.

  1. Song Albums

Christmas is the time for celebration. And there cannot be any celebration without music. So you can gift your loved ones with their favorite melodies. Add a bit of personal touch to show your love. Don’t just buy albums. Buy a disc and burn the songs of their choice on it. But be careful to give the right playlists to the right people. And the best idea is to record a small message for your loved ones at the end of the disk. It would make your gift more precious for them. This effort will win the heart of that girl you were trying to impress this year.

8. Daily light therapy lamps

Well, this one goes for bit health conscious individuals. If you have friends or family who are really serious about their health, this is a great gift. With the benefits of the sun lamps, they will stay healthy during seasonal changes. The sun lamps offer protection from seasonal effective disorders. And this will also curb your loved one’s desire for a sun bath at the beaches. You can find these from online stores.

  1. A health spa voucher

Now this is another gift for your near and dear ones who love to take care of their health. Even your partner will love this. C’mon who does not love to spend some refreshing time at the spa?Get your lady a gift voucher for a spa. We can bet she will remember it for the whole next year.

  1. Home decors

What can be more beautiful than a brilliant home decoration item for your loved one? If you are living in with your partner, this will bring freshness to your relationship. You can opt for new sofa or bed cushions, curtains, paintings, decorative materials like puppets, flower vases, decorated iron lamps, clocks and much more. Be it funky, ethnic or traditional, home decors are always a welcome gift for any occasions.

  1. Online gift cards:

If your girl loves to shop, then Christmas is the chance to take her shopping. Opt for Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal or Groupon gift cards for online shopping.This is the time when you will get a lot of discounts at these online shopping platforms. Grab the chance to impress your lady!

  1. Finally, the mighty power wallet:

Now this one is a unique gift that you can give to your man during the Christmas time. This is a smart wallet. It comes with a sleek back cash carrier and also hides a micro USB for charging the phone. Tiny charger in a wallet, sounds awesome right? Yup, any man would be happy to get this one.

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