12 Special bridal mehndi patterns for hands

Special bridal mehndi patterns for hands

Mehndi designs are mainly significant for Indian women, which is also highly regarded in Ayurveda for its capability to eradicate contamination. Mehndi designs are created in a variety of shapes and symbols.


It requires an extremely stable hand to apply the Mehndi designs perfectly. Mehndi paste was applied to the skin with a matchstick for accuracy in the early years. Nowadays, it can be bought in the form of a cone.

Indian women get their legs & hands decorated with mehndi patterns generally for their weddings or festivals. It is believed that applying mehndi to the bride’s skin brings her good fortune as she starts her new phase of life.

 Some salons can be easily found, particularly in India that provides Mehndi design services for weddings. The designs often include floral patterns. The bride can also select from a variety of designs to include in her detailed mehndi pattern. Here are some bridal mehndi patterns that look amazing on legs:

  1. Broad lines with detailed designs

Designs with board lines with detailing are the latest trend. The fingers are usually painted with paisley in this pattern.

2.       Usage of two colours for special effects

Two colours are used to give some special effects. The natural Mehndi colour is used to decorate the overall feet, and a tiny part around the ankle is done in different colours. The whole outcome is satisfying.

3.       Side designs for a minimal look

This kind of design is made at the bottom of the feet that face outside. Floral patterns with motifs used for amazing effects.

4.       Usage of colour gradation for elegance

The usage of colour gradation in mehndi designs makes the outcome extra elegant and spectacular. This design spreads out on the legs up to knees.

5.       Curls to create a lacy effect

The feet are decorated with various sizes of curls. The lines are usually thin in this case & the overall outcome is pleasing to the eyes.

6.       Simple designs

Feet look much cleaner with this simple design that takes less space. Brides already wear big dresses, makeups & jewellery, so the simple designs usually draw attention.

7.       Patterns with glitters

Glitter/shimmer Mehndi Designs are trendy among women. It helps to jazz up any ordinary outfit. You can use glitters of the same colours as your outfit. Glitter mehndi only lasts for a day so that you can sport another design the very next day. Also, mehndi patterns coupled with little glitter give it a stunning look. A dash of glitter is a quirky way to decorate legs, and it is also very apt for weddings.

8.       Floral designs

Floral designs are always in demand. Women love to sport them in various occasions as well as weddings. The floral design is essentially the base of all mehndi designs. Flower in the centre of the feet and paisley motifs filled with small dots look quite appealing. The design is done with softer tones with slim lines. The entire result is perfect.

9.       Diagonal designs

Diagonal designs are the most loved Arabic mehndi pattern. It is triangular, and it made with flowers and stems. Diagonal design covers about three-quarters of your legs. The fingertips are usually untouched in this design. It takes up less space thus, looks very neat.

10.   Red mehndi patterns


The red mehndi designs were originated in India. These models are suitable for brides as they look perfect with the gorgeous gowns and dresses. The red colour is predominantly used to make clothes for the Indian brides, and therefore red mehndi adds to the sophistication in totality.

11.   Black mehndi with intricate floral patterns



Black mehndi is one of the most appreciated mehndi designs. It is very popular among the young generation. Black Mehndi designs done with a black chemical cone that is easily available in the market. It can also do in dual colour, where the outline is made with black Mehndi & then filled with red mehndi. This pattern is entirely different and at the same time modern. Designs in floral pattern provide an amazing effect to it. The brides also love this pattern as it is very innovative and looks very stunning with their outfits.

12.   Designs complimenting the dress & jewellery

Brides can also opt for designs that match their dresses & jewellery.  Floral designs with circles can go very well with their outfits. Nail art can also add to the whole effect. These models glam up your festive attire with its utter gorgeousness. And the total outcome is astounding for the viewers.