South Africa In September Is Blissful And Here’s The Proof!

The vast landscapes that are beyond our sight, which cover the grasslands that show different flora and fauna, majestic mountains that you cannot even fathom and an ambitious stretch – this is South Africa. There are many magnificent beaches and diverse wildlife sanctuaries that surround the essence of the country and leave tourists to explore many options and places. To find the depth of any place, it is important to choose a season or time period when the last thing you need to worry about is the weather; That is why we strongly recommend you to visit the country in the month of September.

South Africa in September An ideal time for tourists to visit the country as the weather is really pleasant and it opens doors for you to engage in fun activities. If you are troubled by South Africa and plan to come this September, scroll down and find out everything you need to know!

Weather in South Africa in September

The months between May and September are considered the best time to visit South Africa as the country experiences dry weather. Unlike winter days, the weather in September is such that it will allow you to openly explore the length and breadth of the country as the days are warm and sunny, not chilly. In September, the country’s average temperature is between a minimum of 9 ° C and a maximum of 19 ° C. The September weather allows tourists to experience wildlife at its best!

3 best things to do in South Africa in September

South Africa is a powerhouse of activities and there are lots of activities you can do provided the weather is so terrible in September. So here are four of the best things you can do.

1. Bungee Jumping

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In South Africa, you can jump from a height of 288 feet amidst the panoramic landscape of the country. You will be ready for a stronger thing as an elastic band will protect you from loosening. Some of the best places where you can try bungee jumping in South Africa are the Blocrance Bridge, the highest point for the sport, Orlando Towers, Moshe Mabida Stadium Big Swing and Gouritz Bridge.

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2. Shark Cage Diving

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Do you ever imagine seeing sharks from a close distance as they swim? Well, it may sound dangerous but the great sport of shark cage diving makes it both possible and safe for you! When trying this activity in South Africa, you will be placed inside a protective cage and see sharks swimming, but in such a way that they will not be able to contact you. Shark cage diving is a form of snorkeling and if you are looking for adventure then you must try it!

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3. Golf

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Thanks to its vast land of lush greenery, South Africa has many beautiful golf courses and is famous worldwide for the game of golf. There are over 500 golf courses all over South Africa so that you can wonder what is the level of people’s passion for the game! You can play golf at places like Funcourt Links, Durban Country Club, Gary Player Country Club and Pearl Valley.

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4. Surfing

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The coast of South Africa is more than 1400 kilometers that stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Indian Ocean, which is why there are countless water sports and beach activities that you can try there and one of which is surfing. Surfing in South Africa is even more pleasant in September as the waves are perfect for riding through surfers! Some of South Africa’s best surfing spots are Jeffrey’s Bay, Wild Coast, Dungeons, Durban and Big Bay.

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Places to visit in South Africa in September

There are umpteen places in South Africa that you can visit and visiting these places in September is even more amazing as the wind season is a major travel companion that will elevate your mood. So, here are three best places that you must visit.

1. The Cradle of Mankind

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The Cradle of Mankind is a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO in 1999. Spread over an area of ​​47000 hectares, this place is a historical site in South Africa which is beautified by unique limestone caves. It has 15 major sites with millions of years of fossils that testify to prehistoric life and you have to enrich yourself with the knowledge that this place has to be the best.

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2. Port Elizabeth

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Port Elizabeth, a city in Algoa Bay, Eastern Cape Province, is one of the ideal places to visit in South Africa for a holiday. It is a port city which is famous for its many beaches. On your journey, you should explore the Dworkin Heritage Trail and witness spectacular Victorian architecture. If you want to see seabirds or whales then you can take a coastal boat tour here and you can also explore the rich wildlife in the Craga Kamma Game Park.

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3. Cape Town

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Cape Town, one of the most breathtaking cities in the world, is the capital of South Africa and no trip to the country is incomplete without Cape Town. Table Mountain in Cape Town is one of the most sought-after tourist attractions in the world and upon reaching there you will see the whole city under the floating clouds. Cape Town is a beautiful place and should be on your itinerary!

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Accommodation in South Africa

On a trip to South Africa in September, it is important that you choose the best accommodation as they contribute extensively to make your trip lighter and easier. Here are the three best places where you can stay in South Africa.

1. The Aviator Hotel or Tambo

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The Aviator Hotel in South Africa is equipped with stylish rooms with satellite TV and tea and coffee makers, free WiFi, room service and more, which are comfortable for your stay. Hotel amenities include an outdoor pool and restaurant that serves delectable food.

place: 85 Campton Rd, Campton Park, 1619, South Africa
Price Per Night: INR 5000 later
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.0 / 5

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2. Stellenbosch Hotel

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The Stellenbosch Hotel is a classic boutique-style hotel, located in the center of the historic Stellenbosch. The hotel has luxury rooms with free Wi-Fi and special services and restaurants serving South African wines. Each room is safe with a TV, minibar and a spacious private bathroom. The hotel also offers free parking and complimentary breakfast.

place: Corner of Dorp and Endringa Streets Stellenbosch, Stellenbosch Central, Stellenbosch, 7600, South Africa
Price Per Night: INR 11,900 onwards
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5 / 5

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3. Taj Cape Town

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Taj Cape Town easily combines the heritage of the old with the posh of the new. Located within the heart of the old city, it boasts a strong sense of place and is within walking distance of South Africa’s most important sights and attractions and an eclectic array of shops, galleries, and restaurants. Spread over two heritage buildings, all 176 rooms have spectacular city views or overlook the long-lasting Table Mountain. You can take a relaxing swim in the pool and taste delectable food in the restaurant.

place: 1 Wale St., Cape Town City Center, Cape Town, 8000, South Africa
Price Per Night: INR 15,000 later
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5 / 5

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South Africa tour tips in September

  • Carry light packs and weather appropriate clothing
  • Even though booking an accommodation in September is easy, you should still book your hotel in advance
  • Travel using local traffic to save money and time

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Clear skies, sweltering weather and a bird’s eye view of South Africa in September. During this time the weather is so pleasant and good that you will not be able to help yourself to roam around here. There are also many sports and festivals that you can take during your amazing trip to South Africa next September!

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Frequently asked questions about South Africa in September

Q. How is the weather in South Africa in September?

a. The weather is dry and mostly hot and sunny with an average temperature of 14 ° C.

Q. Can wildlife be seen in South Africa in September?

a. September is the best time to see wildlife as the dry season prompts animals to come out into the open to drink water and gather from the lake and ponds.

Q. Can skydiving be attempted in South Africa during September?

a. Yes, September is an ideal time to go skydiving in South Africa as the sky is clear and there is less rainfall.

Q. Is there snow in September in South Africa?

a. Yes, some parts of South Africa experience snowfall during September.

Q. Is September a good time to visit Cape Town?

a. Yes, one can visit Cape Town in September to have less crowds, pleasant weather and also lower hotel prices.

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