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Sotherga Milano: the detox and anti-stress path

I’m afraid of needles, an anarchist relationship with food and I’m skeptical in nature, except for the astral picture. “Maybe,” I thought, “I’m not the right person to try Bioenergetic Reboot, the therapeutic path devised by the clinic Sotherga Milan“.

I was wrong.

But let’s go in order.

The Sotherga Milano clinic is located in full center, in via Fatebenefratelli, halfway between Brera and Montenapoleone for those unfamiliar with the city. A place that has medicine in its heart, but where “sterile” environments alternate and merge with explosions of art and creativity amazing. Everywhere works, photographs, sculptures that recall beauty and body care: a clinic with art Gallery so perfect as to appear out of a Bret Easton Ellis novel (we talk about aesthetics eh, don’t get me wrong).

The “Miracle Touch” massage by Carolina Dantas, the therapist most desired by the stars

Maximum attention to detail which, in this historical period, also means gel, mask and special “doormat” designed to collect, as soon as you enter, all the residues of the external environment from which you arrive.

Once a data sheet has been compiled and the information has been read, the Bioenergetic Reboot path begins, designed specifically for those who, like me and about 7 billion people, feel tired and stressed. And why not ?, after lockdown even a little heavy.

My first encounter – and my first “clash” with one of my fears, the needles – is with the Doctor Tavera, sports medicine specialist, expert in ozone therapy and IV therapy. After a fact-finding interview, Tavera prepares one for me personalized formulation of a nutraceutical cocktail (vitamins, minerals and other biological compounds) that is given to me, precisely, through one IV. Everything is pleasant and natural, like doing a face treatment, the sense of immediate well-being and, as far as I’m concerned, having overcome the fear of needles & Co. also gives me an injection (never a word was more apt) of trust.

We then move on to the second step of the path which has as its background the study of Doctor Cassano, Nutritionist, Molecular Biologist, Clinical Pathologist and Dr. in Clinical Psychology and rehabilitation. Here too we start with an informal but scientific dialogue to understand mine nutritional status, lifestyle and sleep quality is stress management. Then, lying on the bed, Doctor Cassano provides me with an analysis of physical fitness, body composition and basal metabolic rate. With all this information – which by the way is the first time I receive – the expert designs an ad hoc food plan to achieve the desired goal (in my case a couple of kilos, cadeaux Quarantine).

Having overcome the fear of needles and given an order to my diet, I am ready to climb the mountain of my skepticism towards the last stage of the journey: the emotional therapy. “Conduct” from Doctor ZamboniSpecialized in experimental psychology and cognitive behavioral neuroscience, the therapy is based on guided and breathing digito-pressure of trigger points. The target? The release of emotional blocks, somatized over time, underlying malaise e negative thoughts.

Spoiler alert: you will probably cry. And you have already understood that the mountain of skepticism has turned into a hill, then into a plain, then into a beach with the sun.

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