Sonic The Hedgehog Lost To Robotnik, And His Home Was Destroyed

In Archie Comics’ discontinued comic series, Sonic the Hedgehog #175 details the time Dr. Robotnik defeated Sonic so thoroughly and completely.

Ironically, Dr. Robotnik had actually discovered the location of Knothole Village way back in issues #47-50 and used that to frame Sonic for murder, but various insurmountable obstacles got in the way. He wouldn’t attack the village until issue #175. But it was worth the wait. His plot was quite thorough and extensive. While Sonic and his Freedom Fighters hung out at their headquarters, Dr. Eggman’s nephew Snively ambushed them in a giant mecha and hit them with a teleportation beam that transported them to Dr. Eggman’s egg grapes – circular objects that convert those trapped inside into fuel.

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Meanwhile, Dr. Eggman and his new massive Egg Fleet descended upon Knothole Village and blasted everything to kingdom come. Sonic couldn’t even avenge his friends and family because Dr. Eggman had created a specially designed battle suit that was faster and stronger than him in every way. The evil mad scientist proved this quite thoroughly throughout the issue when he beat and threw Sonic around like a rag doll. There was a moment, however, when readers along with Dr. Eggman and Snively believed that Sonic may have a hidden trick up his sleeve when he ran to the east coast miles away with the plan of dashing back at full speed into Dr. Eggman. The look on Sonic’s face when he reached the ocean was so crazed that it seemed as though it might work. But when his attempt only left a small dent in Eggman’s shield, the blue hedgehog just seemed desperate–and he was.

By the end of the massacre, Eggman could have easily destroyed Sonic the Hedgehog. But instead, he chose to leave the hedgehog utterly broken and defeated so Sonic could wallow in his failure. The final line he imparted to the battered and bruised hedgehog was probably the most epic thing he will ever say: “Run–run all over the world and try to start a new Freedom Fighter group. You will find no one. So run–for the rest of your life–and never escape the humiliation of today.

Sonic might have later saved his friends and the Freedom Fighter’s AI named Nicole might have built them a new city, but it would never negate how much Dr. Eggman took away from him that day in Archie Comics’ series. What’s more, Sonic never could destroy Dr. Eggman’s battle suit. All he could do was unleash his friends upon the evil scientist and watch as they tore his invention asunder, as the suit wasn’t built to withstand an onslaught from anyone else but Sonic the Hedgehog.

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