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The mobile social networking application for women, Peanut, is growing in video chat to help better support its users in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic. The business, which began life with a focus on motherhood, has evolved over the years to reach women looking to discuss a range of topics – including pregnancy, marriage, parenting and even menopause.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, Peanut has reported a 30% increase in user engagement and a 40% growth in content consumption. It also increased its user base from 1 million in December 2019 to 1.6 million in April 2020. In addition to this growth, Peanut closed its A series of $ 12 million in mid-pandemic, a testimony to its increasing traction.

The app originally offered a Tinder-like matching experience to connect users to new friends – an idea that was born out of the experience of founder and CEO Michelle Kennedy as a former Deputy CEO. from the Badoo dating app and inaugural member of the Bumble board of directors. Like many dating apps, this feature involved swiping over user profiles to get a “match.” Before the pandemic, many women individually connected with nearby users to make friends or find games for their children, for example.

But following government blockades against coronaviruses and recommendations for social distancing, Peanut users are clamoring for a way to connect virtually, the company says.

Since the lockdown, user requests for video chat capabilities have increased by 700%, notes Peanut. Users also posted links to other video shows 400% more than usual. To meet this growing demand, the application now deploys video chat so that women can connect face to face and develop their relationships, even if they are not yet able to spend time in person.

The company believes this new feature will allow women to expand their virtual support network at a time when many face isolation and uncertainty about the future, which could otherwise affect their mental health. Thanks to video chat, moms can organize their children’s participation in a virtual game date or simply discuss life, their daily difficulties, etc. Thye can also join a virtual happy hour via her phone – a popular lockdown activity these days.

To use the new functionality, women must first connect to each other, which allows them to communicate directly with each other. From this screen, users could already share text chats, photos, and GIFs. But now they can press a new button to start a video call instead.

The video chat functionality itself is powered by an undisclosed third party.

Peanut says he is now working on group video chat, another feature that users want.

Peanut’s video chat functionality will be officially rolled out on June 18, 2020 for all users.

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