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So You Want to Be a Pet Sitter?

So you love animals and think it would be great to be a pet sitter so you can take care of dogs and cats every day. While it is fun to take care of different animals all the time, I want to tell you what it means to work with pets. There is more to it than you think.

Do not mistake yourself. I love what I do and I enjoy it. But, most people just don’t realize what it takes to be a professional pet sitter or dog walker. When I am looking to hire someone to work for me, I look for certain traits in that person to see if they can handle the job and how dedicated they are.

It is not enough to say that you love animals. Pet sitters must be dedicated to working in the many different situations they will face. And, they must be able to cope with very stressful situations. Whenever you have the life of an animal in your hands, there is stress.

Pet Sitter
Pet Sitter

I focus on those who may want to work for an animal care business and do the work of caring for animals, but without having to worry about running a business. Let me tell you what I look for in a pet sitter or dog walker when I hire.

Working for an animal care company

As the owner of a pet-walking and dog-keeping business, I worked very hard to earn and keep a very good reputation for what we do. When I hire someone to work for me, I make sure the person will do their best to help maintain that good reputation.

This means that I am looking for pet sitters and dog walkers who care deeply about the animals they care for and who treat our customers with the utmost respect and courtesy. It can’t be “just a job” for the people I hire.

When looking for a pet sitter job, you need to decide what type of job you want to do. Are you going to just go for dog walks at midday, are you going to just keep pets during the holidays, or are you going to do both? Are you going to do overnight pet sessions where you spend the night at the client’s house taking care of their pets and their house? It depends on what you want your hours to be.

Will you be ready to work on vacation? The holidays are a very busy time for any pet sitting business. I am looking for babysitters who have no problem working on vacation. This means that they may not have time for family events, or that they must work their family time around their pet sitting schedule.


Some pet sitters will hire you as an independent contractor and others will hire you as an employee. This means that if you are an independent contractor, you are a sole proprietor. You have to withhold and pay your own taxes, you are responsible for your own health care, insurance, supplies, and tools, and you have to pay for any training you need. However, you are flexible in how you do your work.

If you are an employee, your taxes will be withheld, your employer must provide you with supplies and tools to do your job, and he must pay or reimburse you if you use your own vehicle. As an employee, you must do your job according to your employer’s instructions.

Do you like to take a lot of vacations? If you work as an independent contractor, it means you don’t get paid if you don’t work. If you are an employee, you may not have a lot of vacation. Are you going to work weekends, mornings, afternoons and evenings? This is a typical schedule for a pet sitter, week after week.

These are just a few of the many questions you will need to ask yourself and be ready to answer when looking to work for a pet sitter. Being a pet sitter gives you flexibility in your schedule, but you will always have a schedule.

Full-time or  Part-time?

Will you be looking for a full-time position or just part-time? You should tell your potential employer the amount of work you are looking for and see if it matches what the pet-sitting company is looking for. If you only want to do this work alongside for extra money and plan to take care of only a few clients, that doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be hired in a pet-sitting business.

For my business, as long as I know it does, I will know that you will only be a pet sitter from time to time. This means that you may not be as reliable as another guardian, but you could be an important backup.

Restricted list of animal care considerations

As a pet sitter or dog walker, there are many things you need to consider and be aware of. A true professional has to face many things. I have listed a few.

  • To wake up early in the morning
  • Visit later in the evening
  • Take afternoon tours
  • Your day is divided into visit segments, leaving little time between
  • Walk the dogs in the cold
  • Walk the dogs in the heat
  • Dog walking in the rain
  • Walk dogs in the snow (depending on location)
  • Dog walking on windy days
  • Walk dogs in a combination of the above
  • Sometimes faced with aggressive animals
  • Dealing with other loose dogs when you walk your client’s dogs
  • Dealing with one of your client’s dogs that comes off
  • Being attacked by a loose dog
  • Give a tablet orally to a dog or cat
  • Kicking a dog or cat
  • Give a dog or cat subcutaneous fluids
  • Give insulin to a diabetic dog or cat
  • Pick up dog waste with a bag of poop
  • Cleaning a litter box
  • Dog or cat pee / poop cleaning on hard ground
  • Dog or cat pee / poop cleaning on a carpet
  • Cleaning the fur balls
  • Clean up vomit from dogs or cats
  • Clean pee, poop or vomit on several consecutive visits (it happens)
  • Work every day for weeks, sometimes months at a time
  • Try to find time for friends, family and loved ones
  • Deal with any pet emergency including first aid / CPR for pets and bring the pet to the vet
  • Be able to walk at least two dogs at a time
  • Be able to walk dogs up to 150 lbs
  • Basically always be available
  • Keep your vehicle well maintained
  • Put a lot of kilometers on your vehicle when driving from customer to customer
  • Be professional and courteous to your customers

Like I said, this is just a small list of things a pet sitter has to deal with. There is so much more, but I don’t want to go on for days. If you think you have what it takes to be an animal sitter, then you are a true animal lover who loves hard work and will do everything for the animals in your care.

If you think that this list is not a problem for you, then I know that you would really go beyond the call of duty to take care of the animals in your care. These are the kinds of pet sitters I look for when I hire, and I know that’s what any other potential employer will look for as well.

The rewarding side of animal care

This work can be very rewarding. When you do everything in your power to make sure the animals you care for feel loved and happy, you will feel like you have made a difference, because you have made it. When you walk a client’s dog, which you both enjoy the experience, it will make you smile and smile as you walk. Cats and dogs have been shown to help lower blood pressure. When the dogs or cats you care for cuddle you, you can almost feel your health improving every second.


Here is an overview of what it means to be a professional pet sitter or dog walker. So, do you want to be an animal keeper? I hope this has helped you make your decision whether it is right for you or not. Either I made you realize that you really don’t want to work as a pet sitter, or I just reiterated that this is what you want because you love animals unconditionally.

Pet Care Job Ideas For Dog or Cat Owners

It is a very good idea to start looking for a Pet Sitter when you are getting ready to bring a new pet into your home. If you do not already have your own pet, you may want to consider having someone else come in and be the Pet Sitter. However, if you already have a pet, there are several great pet care job ideas available to you.

These Pet Care Job Ideas for new pet owners can help you find a position that is right for you. In this article, we will discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of each of these jobs.

Pet Sitting – This is the most common way to get into the career field as a Pet Sitter. You would sit with your pet while your pet’s owners are away, such as at work or on vacation.

The pet owner usually leaves the pet in the care of a trained and licensed pet sitter. Most sitters charge per hour or by the day. Some may also charge for a specific amount of time, but many sitters allow you to choose your pet sitter.

In some areas, pet sitters may only work one day a week. Other sitters may offer you more hours or the ability to set the schedule to fit your needs. A better situation would be to find a sitter who offers flexibility.

Of course, this may mean you may have to put up with the busy lifestyles of these people and take on more than one pet. Still, the extra time spent with your pet can make all the difference in the world.

Pet Care Job Ideas

In this type of Pet Care Job Ideas, there are many advantages to working as a Pet Sitter. One of the main advantages is that you don’t have to drive to work or spend all day working, whether you are getting paid by the hour or by the day. Of course, this might make you extra tired, which may be a good thing in some cases.

As a Pet Sitter, you can use your professional pet walking skills to work outside, but may need to be careful around other animals and people on the street. Because there is always the chance that your pet will become unwell, you need to take all the precautions possible to ensure that your pet is as healthy as possible.

The fact that you are often alone may work in your favor if you feel that the pet sitter needs to go out of town for a while or if you feel you are overworked. The best thing to do is to find a pet sitter who can understand how you feel about being alone, especially if you have pets that stay with you.

Searching for a pet sitter

Of course, when you are searching for a pet sitter, it is important to remember to check for a pet sitter background. You want to make sure they have had no complaints against them before, and that they are licensed and insured. Checking to see if they work with animals such as dogs, cats, or birds will also help to ensure that they can handle the needs of any pets that they take care of.

When looking for pet care job ideas, you may also want to try some of the training courses that are available. Many pet sitters are certified in training courses and some may even have their own training and certification.

The rewards you receive from taking care of a pet, either as a pet sitter or training your pet to be a dog, are well worth it. Just remember that when looking for a job, you need to be cautious about the training options and also be able to balance the work and life of a pet sitter.

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