SnyderVerse Trilogy Trailer Arrives, Did HBO Max Just Make the Snyder Cut Offical DCEU Canon?

SnyderVerse Trilogy Trailer: Although the flawless and fandom-powered journey to Justice League by Zack Snyder ended in success for both fans who witnessed Zack Snyder’s well-constructed vision for the DCEU and for Warner Bros. and DC Films, whose decision to release the Snyder Cut led to record-breaking HBO subscriptions Max. But as Zack left the audience with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger at the end of his Justice League and gave everyone a lengthy look at what they had in mind for the franchise, fans want the studio #RestoreTheSnyderverse.

Ann Sarnoff, CEO of Warner Bros., and Walter Hamada, director of DC Films, said Justice League by Zack Snyder a cul-de-sac, with no plans in progress to continue the character arcs as per Snyder’s ideas. Even Zack Snyder called his film unique, explicitly mentioning that the studio considers Joss Whedon’s theatrical version of the film (which credits Snyder as director and Whedon as co-writer) canon to the continued continuity of the film. franchise. Despite this, HBO Max today released a compilation trailer of Zack Snyder’s DCEU movies, Steel man, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), and Justice League by Zack Snyder (2021). Is this trailer any clue for Warner Bros. to finally realize that DC is better off in Zack Snyder’s hands? Or is it HBO Max telling us that Zack Snyder’s vision is over for them with the Snyder Cut?

The trailer is a tribute to Snyder’s journey

The HBO Max trailer appears to be a tribute to the vision of Zack Snyder who helped create the successful and visually stunning DCEU. The trailer features clips from the first two films in the trilogy, also featuring the voices of various actors who were part of the cast including Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Michael Shanon, Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Jeremy Irons, Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner. The trailer leaves out footage of Justice League by Zack Snyder, presumably to avoid spoiling the movie, which was made available to stream on HBO Max less than a month ago.

The trailer is actually edited to visualize the long road to the Snyder Cut, which fans traveled with Zack Snyder, continually revolt against the studio to unleash the director’s vision, through social media campaigns. , podcasts, blog posts and even hovering over the headquarters of Warner Bros. Burbank. The campaign grew so strong that Zack Snyder joined the movement and made it more impactful via Vero, ultimately leading the stars to support Snyder along the way. The trailer iconically connects fans’ commitment and dedication to the Snyder Cut movement to the journey of DC characters and their development within Zack’s DCEU.

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Zack Snyder’s DCEU films envisioned DCEU characters with a certain depth into their personal issues, psychological conflicts, decision making, and differences from one another. It was something Zack had been teasing since the beginning of the franchise in Steel man and gradually extended this approach to all of his characters by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, especially noticeable in Zack’s new take on the character of a hardened and emotionless Bruce Wayne / Batman. The trailer attempts to incorporate that into the short clip while promoting all three movies available to stream on HBO Max.

But that’s not the only thing the trailer leaves us with. He leaves us a little message there that may involve two things, and unfortunately, he might be prone to the bad news.

The message

HBO Max messaged in the trailer. Between the press clippings, the trailer displays a message designed to honor Zack Snyder’s vision for DCEU that he visualized in all three films, but which kind of pushes us towards the end of Snyderverse.

The message says:



Although the first sentence, which says Justice Is “Coming”, for example, implied that the studio planned to continue Snyderverse and allow Zack to finish his Justice League suites, as indicated by the word “come”. However, what it really meant was simply the arrival of the trilogy on the HBO Max streaming platform. By adding the word “Completion” before Zack Snyder’s trilogy, HBO Max made that clear for them and for Warner Bros., Zack Snyder’s vision is completed by the Snyder Cut, and the trailer is meant to be just a passage. to market these three films under the Zack name. trilogy and uses Snyder’s name to target viewer demographics.

Since the release of Justice League by Zack Snyder, fans associated their preference for DCEU with Zack Snyder’s vision for DCEU and clearly rejected Warner Bros.’s approach to the franchise, which was fueled by a negative reception towards Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. But the success of Snyder Cut and its compelling storyline, which came full circle Batman vs. Superman and connected the dots in amazing ways, made the audience realize that Snyder had a lot more in his bucket to offer DC fans. But due to the reviews, Warner Bros. decided to keep Snyder out of bounds for his reoriented approach to the franchise. Now, it looks like Warner Bros. can’t just go back and restore Snyderverse, given that they already have several versions of DCEU slate over the next two to three years, all of which share continuity with the theatrical version. of Justice League.

The association of Snyder’s name with a separate trilogy of DC movies will only work for HBO Max to stimulate more viewers and draw them to the platform. But it looks like it’s not working, as fans are pretty mad at HBO Max’s passage.

Fans react to the trilogy trailer

Twitter is going crazy over HBO Max’s move to calling the three movies as Zack Snyder’s Trilogy. Fans tweet their disgust at the move and remind HBO Max that Zack’s vision is at least a pentalogy, with other solo releases such as Wonder woman share continuity with these films. Here are some of those reactions.

The trailer just fuels the #RestoreTheSnyderVerse tweets alongside support for a solo Batman movie starring Ben Affleck and previous fan petitions to get Joe Manganiello back for a Deathstroke TV series. But that doesn’t seem to be going in the right direction for the fans.

And Snyderverse?

The Snyderverse, at least for now, seems like too good a dream to be true. The “pentalogy”, as fans think, is far from an option for Warner Bros. at this stage. Warner Bros. is seriously considering revising the DCEU once more with next year Flash which will follow Flashpoint’s storyline from the comics, giving DCEU an option to alter time and reality in the universe and change the studio’s bad calls.

On top of that, the studio is already waiting for the release of The suicide squad in the same way Shazam! Fury of the gods, Black adam, and Aquaman 2 also in output slate. With the pool nearly full for DC Films and Warner Bros., restoring Snyderverse is a long way.

Regarding a possible separate production of Snyder’s films at HBO Max, it is impractical to sanction these big budget projects exclusively for a streaming service as it does not represent a high return on investment, especially in the case of HBO Max which is still initiation phase. Plus, HBO Max already has too much on its plate with every 2021 movie premiering there with theaters, as well as the ongoing production of the HBO Max originals, including DCEU’s companion series, Blue helmet.

On the other hand, DC Films recently canceled New Gods, citing Darkseid’s appearance in Snyder Cut as one of the reasons for the film’s cancellation. With the announcement, DC Films is leaving a clue for a possible rerun of the film, saying the project will remain on hiatus at the studio and may even see the light of day in the future. It’s too much of a guess to say that DC Films canceled New Gods to make way for Snyderverse and Ray Porter’s version of Darksied. But we can remain hopeful that Snyder’s plans will also remain on hold with the possibilities of seeing these films come true in the future. After all, it took almost four years to get approval for Snyder Cut.


Snyderverse is the name fans coined to honor Snyder’s envisioned trip of DC superheroes to a live-action universe, which he sees as mythological and powerful beings, stuck in conflict while battling demons. personal. And it is exactly like that Justice League by Zack Snyder portrayed these characters, making them more accessible to people, making their issues more allegorical to real-life socio-political issues and thus establishing a greater connection with viewers.

It will be an amazing experience to see these storyboards come to life onscreen, but for now, HBO Max is hinting that Snyder’s films at DCEU are over with. Justice League by Zack Snyder.

It’s not at all debatable that WB sanctioned Snyder Cut for increasing HBO Max subscriptions, which in turn helped the platform gain popularity and popularity with fans. At the end of the day, filmmaking is a business and decisions about films are also made with the business aspect in mind. So the completion of Snyderverse will also face this shake if ever considered at the studio.

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