Snorkeling in Bangkok Is One Of The Best Things To Do In 2020

Snorkeling in Bangkok: If you still believe that Bangkok has a lot of adventures hidden on land, then its pristine beaches are welcome. The country’s coastal area is carefully covered by the tropical horizon which makes life underwater more detectable. The country is so hidden under the sea that it makes your tour even more exciting.

It is true that diving under water is not an easy feat. One has super expensive equipment, but on the other hand nothing is needed for snorkeling. for Snorkeling in bangkok, All you need is to tune into some of the best places because underwater habit is one of the best things you’ll ever see.

7 Best Places to Snorkeling in Bangkok

For every intrepid traveler, there is a refreshing braking that everyone must trudge back on. When land walks begin to get mundane, and exhaustion takes an upper hand, the best way to rebound is to step into the cascading water. The welcoming atmosphere, the sandy coast, and all are thrilling enough to wander every wake from the adventures of underwater marine life. To help differentiate the next adventure, we have a tailor-made list that already remains. This list pulls together 7 places that are best for snorkeling in Bangkok.

Snorkeling in Bangkok
Snorkeling in Bangkok

1. Koh Tao

The invitation combined with the surrounding area makes the water island stand out from the rest of the world. It is not so secret that a natural marine habitat is nestled in its lap, which is one of the invited places for snorkeling in Bangkok. Also known as Turtle Island, is world famous for local scuba diving and is widely regarded as one of the best destinations in the country. An excellent place to enhance your snorkeling acrobatics, the following activity will surely provide one of the world’s experience. A must try for all people visiting Bangkok.

Ideal for: Adventure, family, friend, etc.
Ideal Travel Period: one day
right moment: July August
Cost: Starting from INR 7,182.
Time: 8 am-3pm

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2. Koh Roc Island

Koh Roc Island in the Pacific Ocean is a piece of a tropical paradise. The islands are crystal clear waters, pristine beaches among many of its locations. Due to its location in water, every activity associated with it is also plentiful. In many ways, these islands make way for Mu Loh Lanta Marine National Park, which is best for an up-close adventure with marine life. Also, the famous tortoise to see this coral mural is best to indulge in snorkeling in Bangkok.

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Ideal for: Adventure, family, friend, etc.
Ideal Travel Period: one day
right moment: January to April
Cost: Starting from INR 4,272
Time: 10 am-1pm

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3. Coral Island

It is a beautiful island off the coast of Bangkok. Coral Island along the coast of Pattaya is known for water sports and activities liked by people all over the world, which is why it is famous for snorkeling in Bangkok. The warm water acts as a warm up for budding marine life and other colorful inhabitants. The stunning beaches combined with the white sand make it an ideal place for relaxing. In addition, the entire trip to the island boasts a tantalizing menu that saturates your palate. The perfect way to get away from the city!

Ideal for: Adventure, family, friend, etc.
Ideal Travel Period: one day
right moment: November-February
Cost: Starting from INR 5,036
Time: 9 am-7pm

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4. Cluster Island

Its name literally means hidden, Rayong Island is an archipelago consisting of 3 islands. Surrounded by emerald sea line, the three islands provide an unforgettable snorkeling in Bangkok experience. The sea bed has abundant marine life and also “The Queen’s Royal Project” for the conservation of turtles. Quickly emerging as one of the best snorkeling destinations in Bangkok, one should not miss the opportunity to see the vibrant tropical species here. An out and out adventure for all the wanderers out there!

Ideal for: Adventure, family, friend, etc.
Ideal Travel Period: one day
right moment: November-march
Cost: Starting from INR 7,182 (including meals)
And private transport)
Time: 8 AM – 6 PM

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5. Nemo Island

Undoubtedly, it is the most popular beach destination in the city. The island has abundant activities and also attracts lovers of sun and sand. The snorkeling tour at Local offers a glimpse of nemo and delicate coral reefs. The water is very breathtaking and gives way to a closer view of the natural underwater habitat. No more need to be seen for an amazing snorkeling adventure. To easily see and witness the depths of the sea, all you need to do is to visit Nemo Island.

Ideal for: Adventure, family, friend, etc.
Ideal Travel Period: one day
right moment: March may
Cost: Starting from INR 4,150 (including guide,
Boats, and Private Transport)
Time: 10:30 AM-4:30 PM (from Pattaya).

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6. Koh Chang Island

A beautiful paradise for all those who indulge in adrenalin-pumping adventure. The island is famous for the exquisite beaches for snorkeling in Bangkok. The island has a history of being home to a large number of ships and makes way for an unforgettable diving experience. If you love to snorkel, visit Moti Beach which has an undisputed reputation of harboring a multitude of fish. Diving diving with beaches, coral reefs and marine life with its submerged atmosphere has earned an undisputed reputation among the beaches in Bangkok.

Ideal for: Adventure, family, friend, etc.
Ideal Travel Period: one day
right moment: November – February, May – October.
Cost: Starting from INR 3,330.
Time: Ferry Peers depart every hour from 6:00 AM-7:30 PM

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7. Koh Leap

The island is located a few kilometers from the coast from the Thailand-Malaysia borders. Highly respected for its natural and wild beauty, the island is a center of attraction for an adventure snorkeling in the Bangkok experience. The diverse underwater fauna is one of the safest seaweeds. Home to a billion species, the island has diving spots such as 8 Mile Rock and the city of Stingray. For those who are more into snorkeling, a short walk from the main beaches of the island will reveal the best biodiversity below you. A wonderland for nature lovers is a visit to this place.

Ideal for: Adventure, family, friend, etc.
Ideal Travel Period: one day
right moment: November-April, December-January (peak season)
Cost: Starting from INR 4230.
Time: Ferry Peers depart every hour from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm

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If you are really a hardcore snorkeler then traveling to the above mentioned places will definitely provide a great experience. The islands off the coast of Bangkok have some stunning underwater views that help enhance overall snorkeling in the Bangkok experience. Snorkeling is an art and can also be one of the best experiences in a lifetime. Bangkok serves as a hotspot for sports as the water and the beach make for some great adventures. Make sure that you visit these places for a fantastic feat of snorkeling in Bangkok as the country is one of the best destinations for this sea sport. So, plan your trip to Bangkok and snorkel!

Frequently Asked Questions about Snorkeling in Bangkok

Q. Are snorkeling spots in Thailand good?

a. Many islands are located off the Gulf of Thailand, ideal for snorkeling. The islands are the best reserved natural reserve so are a good place for sports.

Q. Where can I snorkel in Koh Lipe?

a. Koh Leap is a small island located in the southwest of Thailand. It has a nice beach which is an ideal place for snorkeling.

Q. Is Koh Leap good for snorkeling?

a. Koh Leap is one of the best places for snorkeling as it has a vibrant sea life in its surroundings and a variety of underwater landscapes to explore.

Q. In which islands of Bangkok has the tortoise conservation project been started?

a. The Rayong Islands, an archipelago comprising three islands, have taken the initiative to conserve turtles under “The Queen’s Royal Project”.

Q. What to do in Koh Leap?

a. One can indulge in activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, bioluminescent plankton tour while there is Koh Leap.

Q. How far is Koh Leap from Bangkok?

a. Koh Leap is 820 kilometers off the coast of Bangkok.

Q. What is the best time to travel to Koh Leap?

a. One can go anywhere between November-April, but the months of December-January are peak times for snorkeling as the weather is very pleasant.