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Step by Step How to get a beautiful smokey eye

Step by Step How to get a beautiful smokey eye

Smokey Eye: Start applying a base for the eyelids to enhance the maintenance and intensity of your makeup.Using a brush, apply an eye shadow of ivory color (attention, the color should not be too white. Choose a warm beige or pink) over the entire eyelid, from the lash line up to” the bone of the brow bone (under the eyebrow).

Smokey eye
Smokey eye

Draw the outline of your eye with a black pencil of creamy texture of very dark black. Start with the outer corner of the eye and make small strokes inward without stretching. Draw the upper and lower eyelids. Draw the line thick enough to shading, the effect is hazier.

Using a sponge applicator or your finger, lightly smudge the line so it gives a look more melted.

For this step use a charcoal gray or black eye shadow for a more dramatic effect, but a Smokey eye can be done in the color of your choice.

My suggestions:

  • Try plum, blue or brown. In this case, I propose to arrange the eye pencil. Pencil dark plum is arranged at eye or eye pencil of marine blue and so on will look Gorgeous!

The smoky effect will be easier to achieve with a broad brush and dense brush.
Before starting the application of shadow dark, I advise you to protect the bottom of your eyes by placing a good amount of loose powder that you come with a big sweeping brush makeup once completed. So you will not have to re touch or you and reapply concealer because your dark circles are black.

Blush Cool

Apply blush coal (over the black pencil) of the lash to eyelid fold (the hollow under the eyebrow). To properly determine the location of the fold, move the brush when your eye is open and you look straight into the mirror.

Start by scanning several times to fully fade the paint. You can insist pressing harder and depositing more shadow near the eye and walk away towards the top of your eyelid by pressing less strong and depositing fewer eyes. A Smokey eye is successful from very dark to anything. This requires a bit of practice, but it’s easier than it looks. You can also board the powder eye shadow over the pencil line below. The result will be more intense and long-lasting.

You can also add the blush ivory come around to the dark shadow in order to facilitate the completion of the fade effect.


When making up a more sustained, it is essential to intensify the eyebrow come with either a brow pencil or powder with specific eyebrows. Choose the color for it blends well with your hair.

Mark as inside your upper and lower lids with black khol pencil (kohl is specially formulated for application to the inside of the eye). It will create a final look incredibly sexy. I recommend you test the kohl powder is applied to a line with an eye closed.

Layer by layer several layers of lengthening and volume of mascara in deep black color (prefer Mascaras “Carbon Black”) on your upper and lower lashes to maximize the glamorous look!


If you wish to play the TOTAL, do not hesitate to use false eyelashes. I suggest you false eyelashes in sections, they are easier to apply than the traditional fringe and give a more realistic result. Use two or three longer near the outer corner of your eyelid and get a face to Marilyn … So here you stand no more!

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