Smell Good for Your Lady With Dossier Perfume

Everyone likes to smell good, but finding the right type of fragrance can be tough. These days there are hundreds of brands selling their wares at inflated prices. This makes it super hard to discover a perfume that not only smells great but is reasonably priced and environmentally friendly. That’s where Dossier perfume comes into the picture.

Based in New York but spread across three continents, this fragrance company is delivering top-quality unisex perfume with an array of wonderful scents at a fraction of the cost of the big brands. Dossier’s mission is to create incredible smelling fragrances that are accessible to everyone. They also have a passion for sustainability that stretches from the creation of their fragrances to the packing they come in. Dossier understands the market is full of overpriced perfumes in expensive packaging and wants to change the way we go about buying perfume.

Dossier produces a range of women, men, and unisex perfumes inspired by some of the most famous fragrances ever released. Each bottle of Dossier perfume is a full-size 50ml (1.7oz) and contains one of over 80 fragrances. These range from musky, manly scents such as Woody Corriander and Musky Oakmoss to marine-inspired fragrances like Aquatic Lime and Citrus Marine. Each bottle of perfume contains ingredients d from the perfume capital of the world – Grasse, France.


Understanding that most people don’t want to pay exorbitant amounts of money for perfume, all of Dossier’s fragrances are well priced. They range from $29 to $49, which is incredibly affordable when compared to most brands. This all ties in with Dossier’s philosophy about crafting unique and premium fragrances that are reasonably priced and can be enjoyed by anyone.

Not only do they smell amazing, but Dossier follows strict US and EU cosmetic safety recommendations. They are transparent about what goes into their fragrances and how they are made. This way you know each fragrance is ethically d and made with only the highest quality ingredients. These ingredients are also vegan and cruelty-free, paraben & phthalate-free, and colorant & UV filter-free. So anyone who cares for the environment doesn’t have to worry about buying a product that isn’t eco-friendly from Dossier.

The company’s quest for sustainability doesn’t just extend to what’s in its fragrances. Dossier uses recyclable, environmentally friendly materials for its bottling and packaging too. Each bottle of fragrance is made from 100% recyclable glass and there is no plastic used in the manufacturing process or packaging.

And if you should ever purchase a bottle of perfume you don’t like, you can send it back for a full refund and Dossier will donate the fragrance to charity thanks to its collaboration with Give Back Box. This non-profit agency shares the returned perfumes with over 60 charities all over the USA. This way nothing is wasted. Brilliant!


Getting your hands on a bottle or five of Dossier perfume is super easy too. All you need to do is jump on their website and choose your favorite fragrances. Put your order in and within seven days your scents will be at your door. Shipping is free with any order of three or more fragrances, and the more you buy, the cheaper the overall cost.

Dossier currently has a fantastic deal whereby you received a discount on your total order of the bottles you purchase. Get 10% off any three bottles totaling $78 or more, 15% off any four perfumes totaling $99 or more, and a whopping 20% off any five perfumes totaling $116 or more.

Dossier is your one-stop online store for the best smelling and affordable perfumes. With an incredible selection of sustainable scents to choose from for all occasions, Dossier has you covered when it comes to luxury perfumes.

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