Smartwatch 2020: the best models of the moment

5 smartwatch models to focus on this summer

In his De Brevitatae Vitae, Seneca basically tried to explain to her contemporaries how precious time was, and how important it was to use it fully, so as to truly live every moment to the end. Hourglasses and sundials, with which the passage of time was measured at the time, were instruments seen with detachment or at most curiosity. Perhaps if the Roman emperors had sported a smartwatch on their wrist, the words and teachings of the philosopher would have been more stimulating. So much so, the devices commonly known by the name of smartwatch, have quickly become an essential accessory, much more than a tool to check the time: both for daily and working life, and for the holiday routine, which we hope to get used to soon. And, above all, if the planned summer foresees a particular attention to well-being and physical activity. Trekking, swimming, dancing and running, or even a classic workout session: depending on how we plan to train and tone the body this summer, there is a tailored response. We have counted five: here they are.

Apple Watch Series 5

For: professional dancers able to range between cardio dance, hip-hop and Latin.
Because: with watchOS 7 the data of the heart beat sensor are combined with those of the accelerometer and the gyroscope, capable of measuring the typical movements of the dance.
Particular signs: special focus on health and prevention with the second generation optical heart rate monitor, in addition to the CycleTracking function designed specifically for women. With the new operating system (watchOS7), which will be released for free in a couple of months, many functions are coming, such as automatic detection of hand washing, a new function for hearing health and sleep monitoring according to a holistic approach. The basic model is in aluminum, but versions in titanium, stainless steel and ceramic are available.

Honor MagicWatch 2

For: the most prepared Triathlon athletes who train daily on swimming, cycling and running.
Because: includes a program dedicated to triathlon, a voice guide with advice in real time and allows you to manage stress thanks to the breathing exercises of the HUAWEI TruRelax ™ 8 app.
Particular signs: the new Magic Watch 2 is positioned as one of the most versatile sport watches on the market. Fifteen training modes, designed for all sports. But also checking the heart rate and detecting the level of oxygenation of the blood. Although the newcomer to the Honor house makes functionality its strong point, the attention to design does not go into the background. Especially as regards the limited editions of MagicWatch 2 signed by young emerging artists. Our favorite? The Floral Horse summer, designed by Tsai.

Polar Unite

For: 360 ° fitness lovers, who practice from cross fit to pilates and yoga.
Because: for the integrated FitSpark ™ personalized training guide and for the Fitness Test, with detection of the heart rate from the wrist, and the calculation of the VO2max level.
Particular signs: very light (just 32 grams!) and waterproof, it is ideal for wearing all day long. The battery guarantees an autonomy of up to 50 hours in continuous training, while Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) guarantees perfect visibility in all conditions and the display color is customizable. Just as customizable is the strap: Polar Unite is available in black, white, pink and blue, but silicone straps in powder pink and mint green can be purchased separately.

Fitbit Charge 4

For: expert swimmers, as well as for fans of diving, snorkeling and diving.
Because: Fitbit Charge 4 is waterproof up to 50 meters deep, but it is also able to trace the calories burned and the number of pools made in the pool.
Particular signs: three color variations to choose from, in addition to a special edition. Without considering the straps: available in leather, fabric and for sportsmen. The personalization of the training also provides the possibility to set goals: the theme of oxygenation of the body, with guided breathing sessions, is also central for the Charge 4. With seven days of guaranteed autonomy, Fitbit Charge 4 also helps us in sleep, with an intelligent alarm clock that uses automatic learning to activate at the optimal moment.

Garmin Venu

For: the most hardened runners, but also for fans of walking and trekking in the mountains.
Because: for integrated GPS, respiration control, hydration monitoring and Garmin Coach running training programs to prepare before a half marathon.
Particular signs: Venu is the first smartwatch produced by Garmin that features an AMOLED display. Thanks to Garmin Connect, you can create your own personalized training session, even if Venu has 40 different types of workouts. The music section also allows you to store your favorite tracks from Spotify and play them offline. And with Venu you can leave your wallet at home, given the integrated Garmin Pay ™ function, for contactless payments directly from the wrist.


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