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Smartphones and Privacy: Why the Two Don’t Get Along

Smartphones and Privacy: Why the Two Don’t Get Along

Smartphones and Privacy. It’s no secret that smartphones have become a necessity, so much that we can’t even imagine our lives without them. However, with the dawn of smartphones, the concept of privacy has become close to non-existent. It used to be a huge thing back in the day, but now people don’t really care about their privacy too much. Okay with their personal lives being visible to everyone.

Those who aren’t okay with it and are genuinely concerned about their privacy aren’t having much luck. Either, as it’s getting trickier to evade the prying eyes that seem to be everywhere these days. All of this has happened after the arrival of smartphones and it is going to stay that way because of the following reasons.

SmartphonesSpy Apps

One of the biggest reasons there is no privacy in the smartphone era is because of spy apps like Mobistealth. They enable users to spy on each and every activity of the phone it’s installed on. Previously, such tactics could only be seen in movies, but now they’ve become available for general public.

Anyone can purchase a spy app and then install it on their friends or family members’ phone. It will gain access to almost all the information that’s present on their device. Spy apps are a nuisance as they can only cause conflict. If a husband spies on his wife and gets caught, then that surely is the end of their relationship.

If an employer is keeping tabs on his/her employees and they find out about it, they’ll certainly report it to the authorities, hence bringing them down along with their company. A bit of privacy that smartphones had left was taken away when spy apps were brought to life, and it is very unlikely that both of them will be able to co-exist ever again.

Social Networks

Social networking platforms were quite popular, to begin with, but with the arrival of smartphones, they have become even more mainstream. These platforms are completely opposite of what privacy should be as they encourage people to share their personal information, pictures, and videos publicly.

At first, people were reluctant about all of it, but now they appear to have adapted to these networks and are more than happy to share stuff about themselves with everyone. Even a little bit of privacy that was offered by some of the popular platforms like Facebook has also been taken away, as now every display picture users put on is visible to the whole world.


Most of the world’s population makes their choice of smartphone purchase just on the basis of its camera. And there’s a pretty good reason for it. They want their pictures to look good so that they can share it with different people. This has become a trend in the modern day and it’s here to stay.

People take revealing pictures of them and then share it with random people without taking into consideration the dangers that it may cause. Privacy used to be a big concern not too long ago. But as of now, people have become accustomed to the new ways and it doesn’t look like it’s going to change anytime so.

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