100 Cute Small Tattoos for Men and Women

If you are not yet sure about having a permanent tattoo then the best way is to have small tattoos. Tattoo removal is not an easy thing to do. Now, you can enjoy having a small tattoo and feel less anxious. Whether you are searching for a meaningful tattoo or just want to have some fun, you can check out these tiny tattoo ideas for inspiration.

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25. Eld Tattoo

Eld Tattoo

This simple and cute tattoo truly rocks.

26. Feminine Tattoos For Women

Feminine Tattoos Women

The foot is a great place for inking a small tattoo.

27. Flying Birds Small Tattoos

Flying Birds Small Tattoos

Flying birds are a symbol that there is nothing in this world that is permanent.

28. Heart Small Tattoos

Heart Small Tattoos

Heart tattoos also symbolize the hope of finding the person to love.

29. Hearts Tattoo

Hearts Tattoo

Heart tattoos are very personal and at the same time complicated.

30. Html Code Small Tattoos

Html Code Small Tattoos

This HTML code tattoo starts with love and ends with hate.

31. Infinity Small Tattoos On Neck

Infinity Small Tattoos On Neck

Neck tattoos are very attractive regardless how small it is.

32. Linguistic Small Tattoos

Linguistic Small Tattoos

This is a symbolic tattoo that symbolizes that the wearer has completed her/his linguistics MA degree.

33. Little Hearts Small Tattoo

Little Hearts Small Tattoo

Most celebrities love to wear heart tattoos.

34. Little Owl Tattoo

Little Owl Tattoo

Small owl tattoos are mostly liked by women because it blends well with their body structure.

35. Meaningful Foot Small Tattoos

Meaningful Foot Small Tattoos

This small baby’s footprint represents the baby’s first time to walk on his/her feet.

36. Meaningful Small Tattoo

Meaningful Small Tattoo

A tattoo on the wrist really looks cute.

37. Meaningful Small Tattoos

Meaningful Small Tattoos For Men

Small tattoos look so great and dainty on women.

38. Miniature Bat Tattoo

Miniature Bat Tattoo

A small bat tattoo on the shoulder represents a cute wild symbol.

39. Nice Small Tattoos For Women

Nice Small Tattoos For Women

A tiny tattoo can sometimes be missed unless if you are searching for it.

40. QR Code Tattoo

QR Code Tattoo

A cool QR code tattoo can be personalized.  You can combine it with a website URL, phone number, email address, or just a simple plain text.

41. Queen Of Heart Tattoo

Queen Of Heart Tattoo

The queen of heart tattoo can give you an impressive personality.

42. Rainbow Splatter Tattoo

Rainbow Splatter Tattoo

A painted rainbow looks so cute as it splashes here and there.

43. Scorpion Neck Tattoo

Scorpion Neck Tattoo

A scorpion tattoo can also be placed on the hand or on the foot but it looks best on the neck.

44. Seahorse Tattoo

Seahorse Tattoo

When it comes to getting a tattoo, a seahorse tattoo is not a common choice for most people.

45. Small Butterfly Tattoo

Small Butterfly Tattoo

A fashionable butterfly tattoo looks great on girls.

46. Small Butterfly Tattoo On Neck

Small Butterfly Tattoo On Neck

Butterflies are one of the famous tattoo designs chosen by girls who wants to get a tattoo.

47. Small Cow Tattoo

Small Cow Tattoo

A small cow tattoo can be placed anywhere on your body.

48. Small Tree Tattoo

Small Cross Tattoo

A small tree tattoo can also signify unity and balance.

49. Small Arrow Tattoos

Small Cross Tattoos

Arrow tattoos are one of the nicest designs in the tattoo art ideas.

50. Small Arrow Tattoos Designs

Small Cross Tattoos Designs

Small arrow tattoos are very easy to hide.

51. Small Dragon Tattoo On Girls

Small Dragon Tattoo On Girls

A Chinese dragon tattoo is a tribal design that looks great on the leg.

52. Small Rose Tattoos

Small Flower Tattoos

Small rose tattoos are not only for women but also for men.

53. Small Foot Tattoo

Small Foot Tattoo

Small tattoos are normally the first choice of beginners.

54. A Colorful Bird Tattoo

Small Foot Tattoos

Foot small tattoos can easily be covered by wearing socks.

55. Small Heart Tattoos

Small Heart Tattoos

Women who want small tattoos usually choose simple designs.

56. Small Music Tattoo

Small Music Tattoo

A small clef music note tattoo looks classy and sweet on the leg.

57. Small Pretty Tattoos For Women

Small Pretty Tattoos For Women

Flower tattoos on foot are very beautiful and sexy on women.

58. Small Simple Tattoo Designs

Small Simple Tattoo Designs

Floral designs are beautiful because it relates to Mother Nature.

59. Small Arrow Tattoos

Small Star Tattoos

A simple arrow tattoo is a representation of achieving your goal.

60. Small Star Tattoos On Neck

Small Star Tattoos On Neck

The effect of the colors is so lovely.

61. Small Tattoo

Small Tattoo

The flying birds tattoo can make you feel happy and peaceful.

62. Small Tattoo Designs

Small Tattoo Designs

Small elephant tattoos may have various meanings yet it is such a beautiful design.

63. Small Tattoo Designs

Small Tattoo Designs Men

This cute wrist tattoo looks so clean.

64. Small Tattoo Meanings

Small Tattoo Meanings

Small tree tattoos are often placed on the back.

65. Small Tattoo Picture

Small Tattoo Picture

Small cat tattoos are cute and stylish and very popular among girls.

66. Beautiful Small Tattoo

Small Tattoo Quotes

Roses represent the epitome of beauty.

67. Daisy Small Tattoos

Small Tattoos

Daisies smell good.

68. Small Flower Tattoos Design

Small Tattoos Design

A small flower tattoo design can look unique.

69. Bee Tattoo

Small Tattoos Designs

A sweet tattoo just like the honey.

70. Geometric Tattoos Designs

Small Tattoos Designs For Guys

These three triangles tattoo signifies the Christmas tree.

71. Small Tattoos Designs For Men

Small Tattoos Designs For Men

A small heart is placed on top of the anchor.

72. Small Tattoos Designs Ideas

Small Tattoos Designs Ideas

Some couples prefer to have small tattoos which are less visible.

73. Butterfly Tattoos

Small Tattoos Designs With Meaning

Butterfly tattoos symbolize rebirth and growth.

74. Little Swallow Tattoo

Small Tattoos For Girls

Swallow tattoos are very symbolic.

75. Floral Tattoo Designs

Small Tattoos For Girls Design Ideas

Flower designs are simple and symbolic as well.

76. Snowflakes Small Tattoo

Small Tattoos For Men

Snowflake tattoos can put you in the Christmas mood.

77. Simple Tattoo For Women

Small Tattoos For Men In Hand

A number 11 tattoo can be meaningful to different women.

78. A Nice Flower Tattoo

Small Tattoos For Men On Arm Designs

Flower tattoos had been a part of different cultures.

79. Small Finger Tattoo

Small Tattoos For Men On Neck

Small finger tattoos are simply adorable.

80. Small Wrist Tattoo

Small Tattoos For Men On Wrist

Bird tattoos are perfect for people who are fascinated by birds.

81. A Symbolic Flower Tattoo

Small Tattoos For Men Tumblr

Flower tattoos are beautiful and delicate.

82. A Tiny Leaf Tattoo

Small Tattoos For Men With Meaning

Leaf tattoos represent constant change.

83. Small Tattoos For Women

Small Tattoos For Women

Tattoos for women are much smaller than men.

84. Fearless Tattoo

Small Tattoos Ideas

The fearless tattoo signifies that you should reign in fear and remain in control of your life.

85. Small Tattoos Ideas

Small Tattoos Ideas For Guys

During the ancient times, dot tattoos are usually placed on women’s faces.

86. A Tiny Bird Tattoo

Small Tattoos Ideas For Moms

This collarbone tattoos is so tiny and often times not visible enough.

87. Airplane Small Tattoo

Small Tattoos Ideas For Wrist

This is the ideal tattoo for travelers.

88. Number Tattoo

Small Tattoos Ideas Tumblr

A number tattoo is often used in remembering important events.

89. Small Tattoos On Neck

Small Tattoos On Neck

A tattoo on the back of the neck is cute and can be easily covered.

90. Cute Wrist Tattoo

Small Tattoos Picture

The wrist is one of the common areas in placing a tattoo.

91. Small Feather tattoo

Small Tattoos Pictures

Feather tattoos symbolize freedom.

92. Small Finger Tattoo

Small Tattoos Tumblr

Finger tattoos show simplicity and minimalism.

93. The Constellations Tattoo

Small Tattoos With Meaning

The Constellations tattoo is great for astronomy lovers.

94. Small Tattoos At the Back

Small Tattoos With Meaning For Women

The back of a woman is an awesome part for placing a tattoo.

95. 3D Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly tattoos are very pretty and mostly adored by tattoo lovers.

96. Small Twin Tattoos

Small Twin Tattoos

Couples love to get matching tattoos.

97. Flower Design With Birds Tattoo

Small Women Tattoos

Birds tattoos are widely used due to its variety of options.

98. Small Cross Tattoo

Small Wrist Tattoos Women

Small cross tattoos have deep meanings.

99. Tiny Lemon Tattoo

Tiny Lemon Tattoo

A tiny lemon tattoo represents Spain.

100. Words Of Wisdom Quote Tattoos

Words Of Wisdom Quote Tattoos

Quotes tattoos can be very inspiring.

These cute small tattoos are very beautiful and can be quickly noticed regardless of their size. The best thing about small tattoos is that you can place them in any part of your body such as the finger.  Some people are getting curious about tattoos and most often are asking for other designs.  If you have your own small tattoo designs then you can share it on facebook.  If you want to stand out from the cowd then get a DIY tattoo.

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