Sling is the first live streaming TV service to let you video chat with friends

Watch Sling TV Party video chat

  • Sling TV has launched a Watch Party feature that allows you to have video and text chats while sharing the same show.
  • Up to three friends can tune in at the same time.
  • It’s now available with Chrome on your computer.

Wish you could get your friends to watch a big football game despite the pandemic? Sling TV believes you can still do it – it’s launching a beta feature of Watch Party that lets you video and text chat with up to three other people while watching the same live or on-demand show Listen. This is a “first” in live TV, Sling claimed.

While the host controls the playback, each viewer is in control of their cameras and volume levels. You can choose from Sling’s TV’s various packages and extras and start a live broadcast party up to an hour in advance.

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The beta is now available on Chrome on the Internet. Your friends may not even have to pay if you act fast, as guests can join parties until September 30th by simply signing up for a Sling TV account.

Sling didn’t say how fast Watch Party could get to other browsers or platforms, though it could depend on access to cameras for video chat. Don’t expect to be attending parties on your console, at least not for a while.

Services like Disney Plus and Movies Anywhere have already introduced shared viewing, but usually only allow limited interaction with your friends and focus on recorded movies and television. This gives your friends a real presence and allows them to participate in sports and other live broadcasts. It won’t completely make up for empty seats on the couch, but you may feel a stronger sense of togetherness until it’s safe to reunite in person.

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