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How to Sleep Soundly with a Snoring Spouse

How to Sleep Soundly with a Snoring Spouse

Although a natural bodily function, snoring can cause huge problems in a marriage. If one partner is unable to get to sleep due to being kept up by the other’s snoring, this could lead to separate bedrooms which could lead to further issues in the marriage.

Obstructive sleep apneaSo, although there are many jokes out there about a snoring spouse, putting up with one isn’t that funny at all. And, 75% of people who snore do so because of a condition known as obstructive sleep apnea, which can increase the risk of developing heart disease, so you may also have good reason to worry about your spouse’s health. We’ve listed some of the best ways to deal with a spouse who snores.

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See the Doctor

The first thing to do is encourage your spouse to see the doctor as excessive snoring could be because of hidden health problems, such as obstructive sleep apnea. It’s important that your spouse brings this issue up on their next medical check-up and gets assurance for the two of you that it’s not a symptom of any serious medical conditions.

Snoring Mouthpiece

Some people snore because of the way their jaw lies when they are asleep. If this sounds like your spouse and you’re at the end of your tether, you can save your marriage with a stop-snoring mouthpiece. These devices work by comfortably holding the jaw in place throughout the night, and are clinically proven to be safe with no serious side effects and no resulting jaw pain, for a comfortable and snore-free sleep for the two of you.


If your spouse’s snoring isn’t due to any kind of medical issue, you might just simply want to easily block it out at night by wearing earplugs. Hopefully, this will do the trick and you won’t be able to hear the snoring next to you. Wearing earplugs in general can often lead to a better sleep as there’s less chance of you being woken up by small noises during the night, so this can actually benefit your health.

Exercise Together

Last but not least, snoring can often be as a result of carrying too much weight, so what better way for you and your partner to combat your snoring problems by starting your New Year’s resolution to exercise more together! Whether you join a gym, go for cycle rides together, or even simply start taking long walks, this can help you both to lose weight and sleep better at night. And, the time together can also work wonders for you when it comes to your marriage, especially if you’ve been snappy with each other recently due to a lack of sleep thanks to snoring.

Snoring can cause more problems in a marriage than you think! Although many people joke about themselves or their partners snoring, it can lead to a lack of sleep which has a knock-on effect on your health. Instead of sleeping on the sofa every night, why not try these simple tricks to improve sleep for the both of you.

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