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Skin problems: the effects of lockdown on the face

Skin problems: the effects of lockdown on the face

We have been at home for more than two months and in addition to having changed many of our habits, we also had to deal with some skin problems of the face. The change also affected the celebs, which show selfies without makeup, in which they are almost unrecognizable. You see Katy Perry which reveals oily skin, Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore, two of the three Charlie’s Angels, together in a post, where the first shows several fine lines in the eye area, Drew, on the other hand, brown spots on the cheeks.

Skin problems: the effects of lockdown on the face
Skin problems: the effects of lockdown on the face

Continuous washing of the hands

Let’s make a reason, skin problems will continue even in the so-called phase 2. It is true we will begin to go out more often, with all due attention, (masks and gloves), but the period of lockdown, albeit more soft, will continue. So what can we do to save our skin? “There are two factors to consider: the continuous washing of the hands with bactericidal soaps and exposure to blue light of the screens of computers and smartphones, ”he says Giancarlo Rossello, naturopath and beautician in Savona.

Skin dryness

“The first step is to counteract excessive skin dryness on both hands and face. We think of chapped hands and annoying cuts, to make them softer we must use emollient and restorative products based on Rice starch, aloe, calendula, vitamin E, butter and vegetable oils. For the elasticity and turgor of the facial skin, however, the following are fundamental: hyaluronic acid low/high molecular weight, aloe and in general mucilage and polysaccharides, as well as peptides, vitamin E, avocado and grape seed oils.

Face massage

Masks are essential for a nourishing action and lifting, complete the face care and give immediate results. Cream ones are preferred for acne-prone and sensitive skin. The masks in TNTinstead, they are indicated for greater hydration and to have a lifted and luminous skin. Don’t forget the face massage to convey the products in the best way, it only takes a few minutes.

The recommended dexterity is that roundabout: light touches with the fingertips towards the outside of the eye area, they are a cure-all to reduce swelling and anti-gravitational strains by placing the hands on the sides of the forehead and then on the cheekbones. The neck and décolleté should be treated with alternate upward movements, made with the back of the hands. “

Blue light and “Teck neck”

The smart working, direct for work, chats with friends and relatives, if on the one hand, they allow us to work from home and make us feel less alone, they have a downside, the continuous exposure to blue light (a particular light also emitted by the sun but especially by the LEDs of screens and artificial lights) has negative effects as if we exposed ourselves to the sun without protection.

Free Radicals

“The eye area is the most delicate area of ​​our face and the continuous ‘squeezed’ combined with the antioxidant effects of free radicals of the blue light, lead to skin discolouration and the appearance of small lines and wrinkles “, continues Rossello. “To combat oxidative stress, which damages the deep fibres of our skin, there are important active ingredients, such as lipoic acid, vitamins A, C, E, Coenzyme Q10, resveratrol and pomegranate, which go to deeply repair the damage caused to skin cells “.

Cervical stress

Another problem is the “Teck neck“, Or the position that the neck assumes when we are in front of the computer, so much so that there is even talk of”hump from a smartphone“.

The neck is subjected to noticeable cervical stress which, in the long run, can even affect the spine. The risks? A greater appearance of the Venus necklaces, a relaxation of the chin, an increase in the stiffness of the neck and pain in the muscles of the neck and shoulders. There is no lack of solutions: specific creams for the neck area and exercises stretching to relax the muscles, in addition to assuming a correct posture in front of the pc.

Online consultancy for leather

The skin problem and have started online consultations to be close to all women, in particular to those who always work with their faces covered in masks and gloves. Dermalogica, the Californian brand specialist in skincare, offers an online consultancy service, in the form of live chat, where a professional skin therapist recommends the ideal treatment and provide support for the purchase of products.

The online advice of Biotherm, the pioneer brand in skin biology since he discovered the healing benefits of Life Plankton ™. The experts, via live chat, will respond on all aspects of the beauty routine for her and for him. Live chat is available on the site www.biotherm.it by clicking on the “chat with us” icon. Every day from Monday to Friday, from 10.00 to 12.00 and from 16.00 to 18.00.

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