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Six Reasons Why Nomad Furniture’s Solid Wood Platform Bed Frames Don’t Wobble

The solid wood platform bed frames made by Nomad Furniture in Albuquerque, New Mexico have been impeccably created so as to receive a frame that will not waver. What makes these frames so robust and resistant?

1) True craftsmanship since 1982

Nomad Furniture by Dave Cady has been making frames for platform beds since 1982 and these years of experience and knowledge are put into every piece of furniture they make.

A component of a frame that does not swing is the fact that every leg, every side rail and headboard are accurately measured, so that there are no errors. Faulty engineering can sometimes be the fall, literally, of an unstable chassis.

2) Shoulder screw construction

These frames are designed to ensure that the side rail guides that attach to the legs are comfortable and safe. This is done with internal components referred to as shoulder screw connectors.

Each crossbar has a built-in steel harness that aligns to fit the shoulder screws on each leg. The rail is pushed down over the screws and carefully beaten down with a rubber mallet.

The frame is rigid and enveloping. The steel screw joint on the shoulder, which connects the rails to the legs, is fixed and robust. This is a huge component that makes this frame that won’t waver. There are no external screws, bolts or nails used to attach the rails to the legs. The robust and elegant appearance of each structure really adds to the decor of each bedroom.

3) Solid wood construction

The use of hard oak and maple woods guarantees a resistant structure that can last for centuries. There is no exchange material used in these frames. This means that there are no laminates, particle board or low quality plywood in these frames. Softer woods like pine can dent and dent easily. Hardwoods are more resistant to daily wear.

Hardwoods resist deformation, cupping, chafing, abrasions, wear and humidity. This sentence says a lot! Solid wood furniture goes far beyond all other available woods. This is really important in a platform bed frame. You don’t want that frame to crumble in the middle of the night.

4) The Slat Set

A further aspect of receiving a bed that will not waver is the fact that it is held on a structure with poplar slats for furniture. Poplar is a hardwood that is much stronger than pine or laminated lamellas. Having a substantial set of slats is very important to transfer the weight of the mattress and yourself evenly around the foundation. When shopping, don’t forget to ask about the material used for the slats.

5) Central board supports

An important part of the design is that every King Full, Queen, King and Cal King is built with central axes. Full and Queen have a central board, while King and Cal King have two central boards. Speaking loud! You are adequately supported below and it is very important. When the foundations are strong, you can be sure that your bed will not collapse.

6) Y-Support legs

And, if that’s not enough, Y-shaped legs are available to support the central boards. Therefore, this gives you additional basic insurance that your bed will not waver.


Nomad Furniture Platform bed frames are made with the utmost integrity. Nomad has an excellent reputation as a reliable and reputable company. This integrity is reflected in every piece of furniture that leaves the warehouse. What you get is a piece of furniture that is perfectly designed to last and last for many years to come. The future generation may actually inherit your frame. The use of oak and maple woods guarantees that they will be more resistant to daily deterioration.

The shoulder screw construction creates a frame that fits perfectly and tightly together to minimize any swing in the frame.

A top slatted set made of quality poplar for furniture is a claim that you have solid foundations under you.

Central support tabs and additional Y-legs offer additional insurance to a solid, solid frame that will last and last for years to come.

The end product is a frame well designed for both shape and function. Get a gorgeous piece of furniture that will enhance any bedroom.

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