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Six Essentials Needed for a Successful Fitness Journey

Six Essentials Needed for a Successful Fitness Journey

Successful Fitness Journey: How many of you had New Year resolutions of living a healthier lifestyle? There were tons of people who had that resolution, actually millions. You started really well; you were eating healthy and working out regularly. As time went on, life happened. Your workouts happened less and less, and your healthy eating habits slowly faded. You then find yourself unmotivated and stuck in a place of complacency. What do you do now?

Well, you have to find that motivation again and kick your fitness journey back into gear. In kicking your fitness journey back into gear, reflect on what happened the last time that made you unmotivated. Retrace those steps, and figure out where you went wrong and revamped your journey.

What exactly did you go along with your journey? Did you have the necessary equipment and res? Whatever the case may be before you start your fitness journey again, be sure you get to the bottom of what made you stop your journey before. Whether this is your first fitness journey or your third, make it your last by incorporating these essentials needed to be successful on your fitness journey.

Successful Fitness Journey
Successful Fitness Journey

Accept Your Body

To be successful on your fitness journey, you have to accept your body for what it is and where it’s at. This is your first step. This portion of your journey may be hard to do, but it is an essential part of your journey. The sooner you accept your body for what it is, the sooner you can get your journey started.

You may feel bad when you look in the mirror, or like the number, you see on the scale, and that’s ok, but it’s your reality check. It puts things into perspective of where you are currently, and where you can be with determination and discipline.

Determination and Discipline

This is really where your fitness journey begins. It’s all in your head. When you want something wrong enough, there’s nothing and no one that can stand in your way of accomplishing your goal.

A determined mindset is what you need in all aspects of your journey. A lot of people think a determined mindset only applies from an exercise viewpoint, and that’s where people go terribly wrong. Yes, you have to have the determination to workout, but what about the willpower to turn down certain comfort foods, even when they are delicious, and you don’t feel like cooking anything? That’s called discipline.

Determination and discipline go hand in hand, and you can’t have one without the other. You can have the courage to workout, and actually, go exercise, but if you don’t have the discipline to change your eating habits, all your activities will be pointless. You won’t be able to see any results from your workouts due to the foods you’ve been eating. Having the discipline to resist those foods gives you a healthy mindset.

You need to work on both of these traits to succeed on this journey. Let’s say your fitness goal for the day is to go to the gym when you get off work, but it’s pouring down rain when you get off. What are you going to do? The correct answer would be to go workout anyway, as long as the weather isn’t life-threatening. But you would be surprised at how many people would skip the gym altogether because of the rain. You must have the determination to go, and the discipline to go, in spite of the rain.

Proper Diet

While you’re on your fitness journey, you’ve established the determination and discipline mentally, now you have to put it to the test with your healthy eating habits.

When people hear the word food and health in the same sentence, they tend to run or turn their noses up. Just because a particular food or meal is healthy, doesn’t mean it’s nasty or flavorless. There are all kinds of healthy alternatives out there for foods that you love.

Implementing a proper diet into our daily lives is not only about what we eat, but it’s about how much we eat as well. When we eat something so delicious, we tend to overindulge ourselves. This leads to feeling “stuffed,” and sometimes it can make you feel sick to your stomach.

Sometimes our eyes can be more significant than our stomachs. One tip you can do to help aid in overeating is drunk a full glass of water before your meal. This gives you the sensation of feeling full as well, but without overeating your meal.

A proper diet also includes liquids just as much as foods. Water is best for any thirst needs, but it is understandable to crave something to drink other than water. A trick people use with water is they drink it whenever they’re having a craving for a drink loaded with sugar.

It may seem strange, but water is the ultimate thirst quencher, and when you drink water in place of a soda you might be craving, that craving goes away. Your body has been fulfilled by the water, making you full and no longer wanting the soda. If this is hard to believe, try it for yourself, and see how it works on you!

Appropriate Workout Clothes

Not having the proper workout clothes is like setting yourself up for failure. Let’s face it, working out can be hard enough as it is…working out in worn clothing can make it unbearable. What you wear during your workout can actually have a positive effect on your performance.

Some factors go along with proper workout attire. When you workout, whether you’re at a gym, or jogging in your neighborhood, you’re going to sweat, so you want to wear clothes with fabrics that are breathable.

Another factor would be comforting. One of the worst things you can do is start your workout and feel uncomfortable in your clothes, or have on the wrong type of shoes. That can kill anybody’s workout mojo.

Wearing the right type of workout gear also helps you move better. You wouldn’t show up to a workout wearing jeans. Jeans would have to be the most uncomfortable article of clothing to exercise in. You want clothing that will last you a long time and get plenty of use out of it. When you’re comfortable in your clothes, you’ll be confident in them, thus leading to a successful and productive workout.

Headphones and Music

Headphones and music are key to any workout. Some people won’t even exercise if they don’t have this combination of items. The music is what gets people motivated. You very rarely see people working out to soft and slow music. It’s typically up-tempo music that will get your heart rate up. It usually inspires you to keep up with the beat of the music with whatever type of workout you’re doing.

Technology today has come a very long way in helping us to maintain a healthier lifestyle through the use of music. There’s pole dancing classes out now, Zumba, and soul cycle classes. All of those exercises have become popular through music.

In the 80s and 90s, if we wanted to listen to music in our own space, we used headphones. Headphones came as a metal arch with two round speakers on each end, attached to two foam-like cushions to go over the ear speakers. Those headphones had a cord attached to plug into a  cassette walkman. Today they’re called ear buds. Earbuds can fit directly in your ear, and they either have a wire or are wireless.

Document Your Journey

How will you know your fitness progress if you don’t document your journey? Document your fitness journey by creating your own personal blog. This allows you to hold yourself accountable, and possibly help others in the process.

Decide on what you want your blog to be about, find a suitable domain name, and take people on your journey with you. You can capture your fitness journey by highlighting exercises and poses you enjoy most, using your own photos, or stock fitness photos if you prefer. You can even post videos of your different workout routines, and share recipes as well.

Your blog is the perfect platform to share your ups and downs along the process with your followers. It shows that you’re human just like them. The celebrities have blogs that people follow, but their lifestyle isn’t really realistic to the average person, so it’s helpful sometimes to see someone going through the same thing as them.

One thing to always remember during your blogging journey is that it’s a journey. It’s okay to have goals you want to reach, but don’t set unrealistic expectations for yourself, because that’s the easiest way to tire yourself out. You have to pace yourself, and not expect anything to happen overnight. If you take your time, a little determination and discipline will take you very far on your journey.

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