12 Simple Effective Tips and Tricks for Becoming a great leader

12 Simple Effective Tips and Tricks for Becoming a great leader

Who may we call an effective leader? The answer lies in his behavioural powers. He should be able to inspire and instil motivational energy, and all this in the kind of a setting or situation, where others would not have had the courage to venture. These skills are not very easy to acquire and needs extended training and perseverance. If you too are interested in being an owner of such skills and such power? This is just the right place for you. Here are the tips and tricks that would show you the right path towards becoming a leadership juggernaut.

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1) Involve the Team

Leadership is not about moving alone. Be ready to gather inputs and suggestions from all the other members of the team who are eager to contribute. A second opinion always helps, if not improves. Another perspective of your thoughts would help you understand whether you are making the right decision or even lead you towards a fantastic solution. So be interested in what other people have to say.

2) Keep it in the limit

 It may often so happen while working with projects that other smaller and related projects will try to creep in along with your already scheduled deadline. This will only increase your pressure and disrupt your planning. Such things often happen when your role in the project is not clearly defined. If you think you have control over your project, try to limit the number of project objectives creeping in, or even your temptation to add them. There might also be pressure from various s, compelling you to expand your scope of work. Try to resist with all your power and help yourself concentrate on the mother project at hand. Gradually, you will find your subordinates thanking you for your efforts.


3) Make them trust you


It is always a good idea to build a relationship based on trust with your employees. Several studies have proved that when the employees start trusting their supervisor, they often end contributing more and of course, effectively towards the well-being of the entire company. They feel better, they work better, and they produce better results compared to those who have trust factors with their bosses. You can also try holding meetings periodically to discuss trust issue if there are any and read out to them quality contents on trust factors in the workspace. So the one and the only way to advance towards this goal is to be truthful towards your employees.


4) If nothing, listen


Not just in the workspace, the act and the capability of being a good listener has shown its effects in several instances. If you are the leader of a company or a project for that matter, the first and foremost thing you should be able to do, is listening. Your employees will often come to you with problems, be it related to office or sometimes, even personal ones. Brushing these off should never be the option, even if you have something more pressing at hand. If you can’t provide an instant solution, at least know to tackle the particular situation, without making the employee feel rejected. Once you ace at doing this, your employees will automatically respect you as their leader


5) Don’t be the Know-it-all


You may have an incredible idea or an unbeatable plan, and it is still a good idea to be open to suggestions or criticisms. Your plan may be very effective. And in spite of that, suggestions or inputs from others may be able to make it more polished, effective and devoid of loopholes. So it is always better to lend your ears to whoever is willing. Listen to their praises as well as their criticisms. It will only make you wiser. You might even be surprised at the number of things you will learn from your employees. 


6) Be strong, wherever needed


Being a leader will often put you in situations that might force you to take tough or even unfavourable decisions. Such situations are bound to arise oftener than not, and you should be ready to face them as they come. The only thing to consider while taking such decisions is the set of consequences and whether you are strong enough to face them. All in all, your decisions should be beneficial to your company. As a whole and not for the well-being. Betterment of a particular department or an employee on an individual level. This is a strength that should be inherent in a leader. 


7) Set a good example


Always remember to set a good example for your examples. Join them on fun outings like picnics and other activities that would connect you with them outside the peripheries of work. This way, the comfort level of your employees increases even within the workspace. However, also learn to differentiate between the activities you want to join and the ones you probably shouldn’t. Friday late-night parties, booze, poker games and such other activities with your employees are probably the ones you should prefer to pass. These always can tarnish your image as a leader. Learn to draw the line and still be friendly.


8) Laugh away your worries


Granted, it is easier said than done. We all know that being a leader is no cakewalk. You do have a lot of responsibilities and that too immensely pressing ones. But tension and stress alone will take you no closer to being a good leader. Learn to take things lightly sometimes and laugh away some of the smaller troubles. That would give you enough time and space to deal with the bigger ones. If you know how to keep your mood light, you can also help your employees do the same, and they will thank you for it.


9) Take risks when the situation demands


There might be situations when taking risks becomes unavoidable. Take those situations in stride and decide for yourself. Take that risk if need be, and be confident that the outcome would be favourable. Even if it is otherwise, be confident that whatever happens you are capable of handling the situation. Use your intuition and your knowledge of the industry to take informed risks and stop second-guessing your decisions. Soon other employees will follow suit, and the workplace will be much more dynamic.


10) Enter with élan


Entering with style does not only refer to your attitude. It also means leaving all your worries at the door while entering and put a refreshing smile on your face. This will also freshen up the moods of your employees and not make them think that they have a grumpy man as their boss. Their day, and of course yours, will be more positive and productive at the same time.


11) Be positive


If your portfolio or scope of the job includes the job of reviewing the work of other employees, be very careful to maintain the balance. Remember to highlight both the positive as well as the negative aspects that may have come to your notice. All that matters is how you point it out. Do compliment them on their job well done, and advise them on how to improve on their shortcomings. This approach will keep you safe from any negative vibes coming off your employees, for being over-critical. 


12) Judge yourself


At times, it is also advised to keep yourself under the microscope. Judge yourself in terms of how capable you are in increasing the productivity of your employees. If you indeed have succeeded in doing so? Then you have successfully been an able leader. Successfully leading your employees as well as your company towards betterment. However, if you have had to use manipulation and other means like intimidation to get the job done by your employees, you have unfortunately failed as a leader.


In a nutshell, if you are indeed in a leader’s position? Treat this as your Bible towards gaining points on your leadership and successfully achieve whatever you plan. Be a good leader and lead your employees towards undeniable success. 

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