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SILENCE, BRUNO! 5 lessons that ‘Luca’ leaves us about entrepreneurship

The new animated film from Disney, Luca , has enchanted thousands of people of different ages for the moral that the plot imparts to you. This movie is about a sea monster who wants to go to the human world even though his apprehensive mother doesn’t want to leave him because people on the surface hunt his kind. It should be noted that once on land, these monsters take the form of humans and remain that way as long as they do not touch water. Like any child of that age, Luca feels the need to ignore what his parents tell him and discover for himself what is causing him so much curiosity. So, he dares and finds wonders he had never known before and makes friends.

Luca’s journey serves as a teaching for many journeys we go through in life. The lessons from the movie can be applied to a number of things, including the entrepreneurial process.

1. “SILENCE, BRUNO!” – We must silence the voice of fear

When Luca leaves the sea for the first time, he meets Alberto, an adventurous character who seems to live life to the fullest. Luca is nervous and afraid of letting his parents down. When Alberto challenges him to jump down a hill on a poorly built scooter, Luca is doubtful. That’s when he uses the phrase that went viral on TikTok: “Hush, Bruno!”

“I know your problem. You have a Bruno in your head. Yes. Sometimes it also happens to me: Alberto, you can’t. Alberto, you are going to die. Alberto, don’t put that in your mouth. Luca, it’s simple. Don’t listen to stupid Bruno ”, says Alberto in the film.

This phrase has become a mantra for our generation, and it has started to be used for all kinds of situations. When we make a risky decision, such as undertaking, fear invades us and we begin to doubt ourselves. The first thing to do is shut up that little voice that is telling us that we cannot do it and that it is reminding us of everything that can go wrong. It does not mean that we should not think about the risks that our decisions have because it is important to prevent, but we must not let them paralyze us. Entrepreneurship is a long and tiring process and if you are constantly telling yourself that you are not going to achieve it … you probably do not have the security or emotional energy to achieve it.

2. Dare to defy the rules

Luca was forbidden to surface. His family did not approve at all of those who dared to do it, especially since it was dangerous. Humans feared sea monsters and hunted them like villains. By surfacing, Luca was risking harm and could also lose his family in the process. But he still ventured out and did things he would never have imagined, he even ends up going to a school for humans from so much that he falls in love with astronomy.

When starting any new journey in our lives, we will face people who will not agree with what we want to do. We will hear “no” everywhere. But innovating is just that, breaking the rules, changing them, completely getting out of the box in which they want to trap you. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Many projects are built with trial and error. See what works for you. The “no” you already have, if you don’t try to change it, it is the only thing you stay with.

3. You can’t alone

If Luca had never met Alberto, he would have returned to the sea in an instant that he was afraid of being discovered. Without Julia’s help, they would not have been able to survive in the human world. The three without the other would not have been able to win the competition. Luca would not have learned about astronomy if Julia had not lent him her book. Alberto would have been left alone if Massimo had not offered him a home. They needed each other to find what really made them happy.

Although it is empowering to believe that we can do it alone, it is not entirely true. I am not saying that a person is not capable of achieving their goals, nor that they do not deserve the credit for doing so, only that we need a community. A single person does not know how to do absolutely everything in the world and you have to know how to ask for help from those who can give it. It is important to be able to delegate certain responsibilities to have mental clarity and not to burn out. It is also essential to have a network of contacts in order to grow our project. Ultimately, the success of our venture depends on how other people receive it.

Having a community also involves friends, family, or colleagues who support you in an emotional way. May they be there for you in this process and may they believe in us. Having people accompany us is of the utmost importance.

4. Set a goal that makes all the effort worthwhile

Luca and Alberto want to win a scooter so they can have freedom and go exploring the world. Julia wants to beat Ercole, who always wins the competition, to prove to the world that she could do it. By keeping this in mind, they were able to direct all their energy towards achieving that goal. And they wanted him so much that it was scarier to give up.

If, by starting this process, we know where we are going and what we want to achieve, it is much easier to get there. Clear goals not only help us get organized and make it less overwhelming, they also work to motivate us.

5. Being different is a force

Luca was afraid of being discovered. He was afraid of being different on both sides: he was a sea monster who wanted to be in the world of humans, but at the same time he did not quite fit into that world. But at the end of the day it was his differences that made him able to adapt and achieve his dreams.

Although it is important to understand trends and know what your target audience likes in order to have more reach, you cannot rely on that alone. Your project has to have something special, unique, something that makes it stand out. Nobody in the world thinks like you or has lived the same as you. Think about what you can contribute to the world beyond what is making money right now.

What is your project going to do differently? What is going to make you prefer it over others in the market? What is going to make it memorable and not just one more of the bunch? What makes you different from yourself that you can transmit through your entrepreneurship?

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