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Siegfried Fischbacher net worth: Siegfried Fischbacher is a German-American magician and artist with a net worth of $ 120 million. He is best known for being half of the Siegfried & Roy duo. Unfortunately, Roy Horn died in May 2020.

siegfried fischbacher net worth
siegfried fischbacher net worth

Siegfried Fischbacher was born in Rosenheim, Bavaria, Germany, in June 1939. He partnered with Roy Horn and performed in shows involving white lions and white tigers. The duo performed at the Mirage Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada from 1990 until Horn’s injury in 2003. The duo was also executive producer of the animated sitcom Father of the Pride from 2004 to 2005.

Siegfried bought a magic book as a child and then moved to Italy. He performed magic on a ship where he met Horn and asked for his help. The duo were fired from the ship for boarding a live tiger, but began working on a cruise ship. As an actor, Siegfried Fischbacher appeared in the movies Lookin ‘to Get Out, Vegas Vacation, Ocean’s Eleven and Showboy.

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