Adderall to Lose Weight? 16 Reason Why You Shouldn’t Use it

Adderall to Lose Weight? 16 Reason Why You Shouldn’t Use it

Adderall to Lose Weight: The quest to lose weight is one on which many people embark on a daily basis. When you’re eating to fit into a smaller nice and to look trimmer, you might be willing to take practically any steps to achieve that goal. However, you must remember that good health isn’t about weight only. If you’re feeling tempted to take Adderall to help you see that desired number on the scale, consider the reasons to avoid this practice.

1. Adderall isn’t for weight loss.

Think about the medications that you’ve been prescribed by a doctor in the past. You probably know that you shouldn’t take this medication for any condition other than the one for which you visited the practice. A major reason to avoid taking Adderall for weight loss is that that’s not what the drug is intended for. When you use medications for purposes that they aren’t supposed to have, you’re taking dangerous risks.

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2. You don’t have a prescription.

Adderall is a drug that you need a prescription for. It is usually given to people who are struggling with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Now, it’s possible that you do have a prescription for Adderall. But you have not prescribed it in order to lose weight. In the event that you don’t have a prescription, you would need to obtain the drug illegally to take it. Opting for this method of procuring drugs is obviously dangerous and comes with its own set of consequences.

3. You won’t be losing weight under medical supervision.

When you are taking Adderall to lose weight, you can’t do so under medical supervision. If you were to tell your doctor what you were doing to drop the pounds, he or she would tell you to stop. It’s important to have medical supervision when you’re losing weight. Failure to do so could mean that you drop the weight too quickly. Or that you go underneath the ideal weight for your height. Since you should have a doctor working with you to ensure that you are healthy, taking Adderall for this purpose is excluded.

4. You may lose weight too rapidly.

The thought of dropping many pounds in a short period of time is enticing to a number of individuals, but this method is not actually the safest one for weight loss. If your weight is constantly bouncing back and forth, you could end up doing damage to your heart. Also, just think about how your body might react if you suddenly lose a great deal of weight.

5. You may very well put the weight right back on.

Fad diets are problematic because they do not help you in the long term. While taking Adderall for weight loss is a dangerous action and not a fad diet, it can generate the same results. It’s true that you may see the numbers on the scale dip down quite low in a short period of time. However, taking Adderall for weight loss is not a long-term sustainable action. Once you stop taking the prescription, you are likely to put the weight back on.

6. You’ll want Adderall all of the time.

It’s also possible that you’ll start to want Adderall all of the time. Once you see how much weight you lose, you could want to continue losing weight. Another issue is that when you realize that you’ll just put the weight back on, you will feel as though you need the drug to maintain the new number on the scale. Right now, you might think that you can just take Adderall for a little while and then stop, but people often struggle with that attempt.

7. You can become addicted.

Since your desire for the drug could very well continue and grow, you can actually develop an addiction to Adderall. This addiction might take over your life. In fact, you could eventually find yourself destroying relationships with your loved ones, ruining your job and education or going to rehab because of your addiction. Losing weight is not worth all of these risks.

Adderall addiction
Adderall addiction

8. You don’t understand what it means to be healthy.

Using this drug to lose weight shows that you aren’t understanding what it really means to be healthy. Too often, people determine health based on the number that they see on the scale, but this method of assessing health is not the only one that matters. People who are overweight can be healthy, and people who are of average weight can have serious health issues. Using Adderall to lose weight is a serious health issue. Therefore, when you think that you are being healthy, you aren’t actually doing so.

9. You aren’t necessarily eating healthy.

If you are taking Adderall, you may then not need to make too many other changes to lose weight. In other words, you might just continue eating the unhealthy foods that you always consumed and use the Adderall to take off the pounds. Learning how to eat the proper foods is an important part of maintaining your overall health. If you are just taking Adderall instead of eating these foods, you are not doing what you need to do for your body.

10. You aren’t exercising either.

When you make the decision to use a drug to lose weight, you are possibly then going to avoid exercise. You may assume that using the drug will just take the place of the exercise that you need, but you actually should exercise in order to maintain optimal health. Of course, you should speak with your doctor about the proper amounts of exercise for your body.

11. You aren’t learning about your body.

In the long term, you need to get to know your body. You have to see what types of food and exercise are the best for it, and you want to learn how to make your health transmute into its optimal state. Using a drug to lose weight just means that you’re covering up all of these possibilities. Failing to get to know yourself can have negative consequences in the long term.

12. You may feel even worse.

Think about the benefits that eating healthy and getting in exercise have for your body. If you are replacing these activities by taking Adderall, you may actually start to feel worse. Many people do feel badly when they are unhappy with their weight, but having a drug controlling your mind can make for an even more negative situation. Instead of embarking upon a journey to become the best version of yourself, you are taking steps that hinder your growth as an individual.

13. You might negatively influence others.

Ultimately, people need to make their own decisions about their bodies. However, you could end up influencing someone else into taking Adderall to lose weight. For example, if you have children and they discover the methods that you are using to shed the pounds, they might then think that doing so is the answer to their own struggles with weight loss. When you are considering how you want to approach losing weight, ask yourself if you would recommend this method to your loved ones. In the event that the answer is no, you should seriously consider why you’re doing it to yourself.

14. You might not lose weight.

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It’s also possible that you will take Adderall for weight loss, suffer all of the negative consequences of doing so and still not lose weight. People struggle with weight loss for a variety of different reasons. You might put on weight easily and fight to take it off because of a condition that you have. Adderall is not necessarily going to get rid of or lessen that condition. Instead, you must speak with your doctor about healthy approaches to lose weight.

15. You could hurt your heart.

Since Adderall could have negative effects on your heart, you could be damaging this important organ by choosing to lose weight in such a manner. While it is true that having excess weight on your body could also cause problems with your heart, you must work with your doctor to find healthy resolutions. Taking Adderall, which can further damage your heart, is not the way to solve the problems that you’re having with your weight.

16. You can empower yourself in other ways.

If you take Adderall to lose weight, you are likely placing a great deal of emphasis on the scale. While having a healthy body weight is important, so are other components of your personality. Taking a drug to lose weight means that you are investing so much of whom you are in this number.

If you explore safe methods for weight loss, you can learn about yourself in other ways that are both more productive and healthier. For example, you may discover that you love to try out new recipes, or you may learn that you are quite skilled in a certain type of sport or workout. Adderall takes these possibilities away from you. Another option to consider is DIM Supplements (read more about dim supplements on Pure Path). DIM supplements can provide you with a natural boost of nutrients and vitamins while contributing to weight loss.

Losing weight is a goal that you may have for yourself right now, and as you are exploring the ways to do so, taking Adderall can come up as an option. As much as you may want to turn to this quick fix, consider the serious risks that are associated with doing so.

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