Should You Continue Giving to Charity During Covid-19?

Corporate responsibility, pro-free work and giving to needy people is a necessary task in today’s world. This is not just for doing the right thing; Today’s incoming employees, and especially millennials, donate and support one given and even prospective employers to evaluate how much help and whom they give.

s such as Mark Benioff, president and CEO of, have challenged the Pledge 1% campaign to challenge businesses with one percent equity, time, product and profit for charitable reasons, and, if possible, give too much for. But how have the events of 2020 influenced these realities and trends? So far, the response has been favorable. according to this Philanthropy News Digest10 out of 7 US corporate funds increased giving during Kovid-19, while 43.7 percent gave more grants, a report by the Charities Aid Foundation of America (CAF America) found.

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But what if Kovid-19 falls in 2021? Historically, we can see economic downturns in 2008 and 2009, and giving has declined by about 10 percent. This can be especially problematic for less visible or socially popular programs such as helping the disabled, who are also the hardest hit in the 2020 events.

Will there be a recession mirror in 20021 giving 200?

To find out, I interviewed Brett Lane, CEO of SEO Outsourcing, Inc., who worked in the digital marketing industry for the past 17 years through many market positions. Lane advocates giving a fundamental goal of any company. Beyond Benioff’s recommendation, he suggests a goal of giving five percent or more depending on your operating costs.

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“If your revenue is less than 40 percent, it may not be a good thing to give at your former levels,” he suggests. “But I found out when I’m giving a good time and effort to charity, especially those that touch on issues like sex trafficking, support for orphanages in the Dominion Republic … pushing all of the positive energy out Can come back to you in success for your business too. ”

Douglas Jackson, president and CEO of Project CURE, which considers semi-truckloads of medical supplies in areas of excess, companies should continue to follow the 2020 season for several reasons: “2020 has been an unprecedented situation, and The saying goes, ‘A Jackson says,’ there is a very long way to go. ‘ “People really need help, and the impact of a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) donation is an increasingly more important event.”

“Additionally,” Jackson says, “it’s easy to give when the time is good. Now it’s time to become a leader in caring for others because it’s not an easy thing, but it’s the right thing. It’s a message Is what matters to consumers. ”

Jackson also increased the amount of deductions available for charitable giving in keeping with the CARES Act of 2020, which could result in some additional benefits for leniency if your company is considering a gift, 2020 and 2021 .

American entrepreneurs want to give

Robert Nickel, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of virtual staffing company Rocket Station “Entrepreneurs who have a year – and in 2020, there are many of them – are not obliged to give anything, but many are still facing financially There are challenges this year. ”

“I believe he speaks about the business community,” he says. “One of the highest objectives of business should have a positive impact on our communities.”

“The epidemic gave us an opportunity to increase our opportunity to support those who have been most affected,” says Nickel, “but I believe that corporate giving must be done with complete authenticity.” ”

Jeremy Cuffuff, Spartan Media, notes that when it comes to how we should handle corporate during the holidays, most entrepreneurs fall into one of two groups.

“The first group is cautious and is holding its cash reserves a little more firmly because of the financial uncertainty we all face as a result of the Kovid-19 lockdown,” he says. “The other groups, knowing how hard times are for some, are choosing to give more than usual because they know how badly some people need extra help right now.”

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Neither condition is inherently right or wrong, maintains phlegm. It all depends on personal circumstances. “The way I see it, the first priority of a business owner is to make sure they stay in business,” Cuff says, “otherwise, they and their employees will be in need of support. I believe That entrepreneurs should give, and during difficult times, they should give more if they can do so without jeopardizing their business. ”

Platinum Payments’ managing partner Zaid Morley is one of the companies that has been formalized to deliver to Platgive, a de facto nonprofit company that spies a campaign of #paymentwithpurpose, along with its profit organization Works.

“I have seen that people and businesses become more successful than others,” Morley says. “It made it easier to take the efforts of a group and donate without thought or effort, making hundreds of thousands of dollars in life-saving and changing res.”

Trends do not necessarily follow the market

American entrepreneurs agree that giving is important in every season and those who work with better cultures. A strong level of passion, coupled with strong revenue and high business longevity. Research underscores this situation. Analysis by Grenzebuch, Glare & Associates shows that outside of the notable dip during the 2008–2009 recession, charitable giving increased rapidly and steadily, and the rise of the S&P 500 Index Index or the Dow Jones Industrial Average and The decline appears to be unaffected.

Report author John Glair says that data suggests rising equity markets will often induce philanthropic growth rates, while slowing them down more reliably than declining markets. “Perhaps it’s fair to say that bear markets don’t have that much fear, because when it comes to our philanthropic growth aspirations, bull markets are pleasing,” he observes, concluding, “After all, those Appreciated in the property market are those who often see large gifts and a steady increase in US philanthropy. ”

Giving during a recession can help fix your own business

Lane agrees and has no plans to support him and his company, who are passionate to support as advocates for the Love Orphanage in the Dominican Republic. “What touches your heart? What are the things in your life that create a passion to support and give back? ”

Lane’s own business, as a 20-person consultancy, saw a 40 percent drop in revenue during the most significant six-month period of 2020. Partly, the company survived because of its strong philosophy of always working with 3 to 6. Month Reserved. But he credits the constant attention he gave to corporate with helping to improve his own company. “I have more peace of mind knowing that I’m thinking too much about myself, and I think that also translates to better business.”

This is a philosophy he wants to continue in 2021 and beyond.

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