Short wavy hair: the bob of the summer 2020 is the shattered bob

The short wavy hair more trendy summer? Take notes and immediately write down the name shattered bob. If we tell you that the verb “to shatter“translates from English to” shatter “or” shatter “you will understand immediately that this is not a hair look, they specify at all.

This type of helmet, which according to journalists from Glamor UK it is destined to become the most requested wavy short haircut of the hot season, it provides one styling messy-chic, with soft and deliberately broken waves. All in the sign of apparent randomness. And, in fact, it is an ideal cut for those who love forever young and sexy style. Let’s see them together key features of this hair look. Which, another point in its favor, is very low maintenance.

Shattered bob: identikit of the summer helmet

Let’s see the specifications of this helmet. “On closer inspection, the origins of Delol shattered bob they go back to the famous roaring 20s ”, they underline Matteo Orlando is Silvia Caparrotta, hairstylist of the salons Mastromauro Beauty is San Babila 4C from Milan. “It is precisely starting from twenties that the bob-style female cut debuts in society, in great demand by the most unconventional women of the time. As for the look shattered bob, has some characteristics: it is a helmet worn very short, even it is light, supported by one styling volumized, textured and wavy, super natural “. What are its strengths and what are its possible weaknesses? “The shattered bob it is versatile, modern, easy to manage and, with some little tricks on the part of the hairdresser who will make the cut, can adapt to both straight hair, both wavy and even curly (not too much). The wearer may sometimes have the desire to keep it steady and in order. In this case, welcome use of headbands, clothespins, clips and headbands, very 80s accessories that are now back in fashion even and especially among the very young “.

Headband shattered, how to

Let’s move on to the maintenance front and practical advice for anyone who opts for the shattered bob look. As it specifies Marco Rizzi, at the head of the salon Namu Hair of Milan, “This type of cut must be refreshed at least once a month/ maximum every 40 days. The choice of shampoo and mask should also be taken care of: find professional products capable of giving volume and texture to the hair. Since the shattered bob is beautiful because it is softly wavy and volumized, it is I do not recommend to those with thin, bodyless hair, but also too much curly, since it would be completely unmanageable in both cases. If your face tends to be round, this helmet (and in general all the cuts at the height of the chin) not for you “.

Drying front: “Yes to the use of one cream with heat-protective effect to compact the locks, setting the hair dryer and any plate on an average and never high temperature, air and warm plates “. Are you worried about the possible mushroom effect? “Don’t panic,” reassures Rizzi. “It will be up to the hair stylist to decide how much and how to empty yours shattered bob to obtain the perfect volume and not to incur a Mafalda hair “.

10 shattered bobs that will make you fall in love

Shattered bob the summer helmet is moved

The shattered bob is perfect with the ruler in the middle

© Hanna Lassen

But it is a helmet that also lends itself to the line on one side

© Melodie Jeng

Without forgetting that, being a messy bob, he looks beautiful when messed up

© Melodie Jeng

Shattered bob and imperfect waves are not the perfect match

© Christian Vierig

Detangling cream for wavy and curly hair by Yves Rocher

Neither in the middle nor on one side, here the hair is all worn on one side

© Christian Vierig

Shattered bob with waves just mentioned only on the tips

© Kirstin Sinclair

And when you want to give a tidier look to the headband use the bobby pins with which to stop the hair behind the ears

© Christian Vierig

Green light to the salt spray for an even more messy effect

© Daniel Zuchnik

The wet effect is also a good alternative

© Daniel Zuchnik

Nourishing and moisturizing mask (perfect against frizz) of Klorane


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