Shopping In Thekkady Will Fill Your Bag With Kerala’s Rich Flavour!

Thekkady is a city in Kerala surrounded by beautiful meadows and dense forests, a paradise with greenery all around where you will find beautiful places to visit at every turn and corner. Not only is Thekkady a nature paradise, but it is also quite famous for its shopping spaces which are known globally for selling amazing artifacts and locally made handmade goods. Shopping in Thekkady means shopping for the authentic smell and taste of Indian culture as you pack in local spices and your handbags!

Thekadi is known for its regional spices, and there are different stalls which are related to popular spices like green chillies, cinnamon rolls, star anise, nutmeg, coriander, fenugreek, cloves and more. Not just spices, but there are many other things that you can buy as souvenirs or for your personal archives and all of them are exquisite and unique in their own way. But with so many things to buy at your disposal and so many places to shop, it can be difficult to choose the most authentic and local items and shops. So, here is a guide on the amazing things you can buy there.

3 things to buy in Thekkady

When you are shopping, make sure you choose things that are authentic and that you cannot find in any other part of the country because traveling is like exploring the culture of a place and anything more than local items Can not be included. Culture and history of a city. So, some of the most amazing things you can buy while shopping in Thekkady:

1. Souvenir T-shirt

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You can buy a souvenir T-shirt which has the logo of a tiger or other famous symbols of Kerala to remind you of your stay in Thekkady and the memories associated with it. Tees are of good quality and can be found in mostly solid colors. Tees for all shapes and sizes are sold in Thekkady and if you buy them, you can proudly take your trip to the wonderful city as you wear it back home!

Where to shop: Kumili
About Kumily: Kumily is located just 4 kilometers from the central region of Thekkady in Kerala. Kumily’s place is known for popular spices, T-shirts promoting Kerala tourism, local artifacts and delectable banana chips! And most importantly, you have to try the local teas in the tea gardens in Kumily – they are fresh, strong and extremely refreshing! There are many shops in Kumily that will entertain you and light your pocket.
Know: Idukki District, Kerala
Time: anytime

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2. Idols

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While shopping in Thekkady, Kerala you cannot miss the beautiful sculptures that are hand-made and are very famous souvenir for you to take back home. The famous designer sculptures are made of sandalwood or rosewood and are really attractive in appearance. The sculptures are a hallmark of the work of local artisans in Kerala and if you are someone who loves to hoist new items created by the public, then such sculptures have to find the way to your handbag!

Where to buy: Chola Handicraft Center
About Chola Center: One of the best shopping areas in Thekkady, Chola Kendra is a renowned handicraft center which has a wide collection of fabrics, and fabrics made from luxurious materials including silk, linen or cotton. The garments or clothes here are of the best quality, protected from wear and tear. Buy clothes that are unique and rare in texture and design within a reasonable price.
Know: Thekedi By-Pass Road, Thekkady, Kumily, Tamil Nadu 685509
Time: anytime

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3. Spices

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Shopping in Thekkady means shopping for spices and not doing so should be against the rule book for every tourist! Many popular spices of the region which add a unique flavor to famous cuisines can be found in local markets and shops. Many types of spices are available here such as cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and others. Spices are super inexpensive and without a second thought, people buy in bulk to take the taste of Kerala back home!

Where to buy: Lords Spice Super Market
About God: The Lord’s Spice Super Market, as the name suggests, is a large and famous center of spices in Thekkady in the vicinity of Kumily. All the local spices found in Kerala cuisine can be found in this market at affordable rates. Since the spices are not sold in sealed packets, they are in the open, you can smell the spices and taste some to check the quality.

Know: 18, Dindigul – Theni – Kottarkara Hwe, Thekkady, Kumily, Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu 85859
Time: 9am to 9pm

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Thekkady is a treasure for shopping items and things that is truly unique to Kerala and its culture. Shopping in Thekkady is easy and always suits your monetary budget. From spices and antiques to tees and sculptures, there are many things that you can buy during your trip to Kerala. Don’t forget to carry extra items to make room for all the amazing things you’re going to buy!

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Frequently asked questions about shopping in Thekkady

Q. Can a traveler buy drinks from local shops in Thekkady?

a. A traveler can buy drinks, but only if they are over 21 years of age, Kerala has a legal drinking age.

Q. What can everyone buy in Thekkady?

a. You can purchase the following items in Thekkady
1. Spices
2. Tea
3. Chocolate
4. Antiques
5. Craft
6. Herbs

Q. What can everyone do in Thekkady?

a. One can indulge in the following amazing things to do in Thekkady:
1. Boating
2. Bamboo Rafting and Hiking
3. Nature moves
4. Spice Plantation Tourism
5. Jeep Safari

Q. What are the understandable languages ​​of the local people in Thekkady?

a. Locals understand Tamil, Malayalam, and English here in Thekkady, Kerala.

Q. Can credit or debit cards be used in shopping areas in Thekkady?

a. Not all shopping stalls accept debit or credit cards, but there are plenty of ATM machines near shopping areas where you can withdraw cash.

Q. Why is Thekkady famous?

a. Thekkady is famous for its jungles and lush greenery as well as its famous Periyar Lake. Thekkady is also famous for spices.

Q. How many days are sufficient to explore the markets of Thekkady?

a. For shopping in Thekkady between 2-3 days is enough to fully explore the markets.

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