Shopping In Pachmarhi Is The Perfect Recreation For Your Next Trip!

A quaint hill station, Pachmarhi is located on the Satpura hills in the Vindhya Range in Madhya Pradesh. This small town is a top rated hill station and features some attractive tourist attraction sites. We can always enjoy a fascinating view of waterfalls, ravines, rolling hills, and dense vegetation on a trip to Pachmarhi. Pachmarhi, also known as the ‘Queen of Satpura’ or ‘Queen of Satpura’, has a rich cultural and historical significance with many beautiful places that attract tourists with its charm. Putting it all aside for a minute, we can take the liberty to say that Pachmarhi is more than just a tourist destination as it is widely renowned for its authentic and locally handcrafted items that many people shop for. Let’s add it to the basket!

Shopping in Pachmarhi Is extremely fun and rich. The fact that there are no big shopping malls in Pachmarhi makes it even more interesting as there are many small shops that sell local items that drip the true culture of Pachmarhi. The items sold at these stores are extremely pocket-friendly and have a liveliness that is unique.

Top Markets in Pachmarhi

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If you want to explore street shopping in Pachmarhi, there are many local markets which are set up weekly on the streets of the city. In these markets, there is a huge display of agricultural implements, hunting material, baskets and some extremely striking handicrafts. The very famous bamboo artefacts which were most used by the Basod, Korku, Gond and Baiga communities are also sold in these markets. Along with the attractive streets of such markets, you will also find Bastar metal craft which is the most ancient form of brass casting. This metal is often used in the manufacture of decorative sculptures, sculptures, unique door handles and more.

Other main markets of Pachmarhi, which can be classified as one of the best shopping places in Pachmarhi, Novelty shopping zone, ITC Chaupal Sagar which is a hypermarket. These hypermarkets have been set up to increase farmers’ income and to promote their hard work and toilets. Apart from this, we also have Bhokai Complex and Priyanka Fashion Mart at the disposal of a shopkeeper.

Knowing the places where you can shop, half is done, but the other half knows the best items to buy while shopping in Pachmarhi, so here is a sneak-peek.

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5 Best Things to Buy in Pachmarhi

Pachmarhi is very famous for its rich prehistoric artifacts, caves and paintings. The place has received a myriad of shiny items to offer to its customers. A city can buy tons of things, but the most important is the following:

1. Prakrit silk

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A basic thing to buy in Pachmarhi is silk and you can buy it at Prakrit Silk Emporium, which is established and maintained under the Madhya Pradesh Silk Federation. There are popular shopping centers for a variety of beautiful silk sarees. The silk sarees mostly sold at these shopping places are Tussar Silk, Eri Silk, Muga Silk and Mulberry Silk. These silk saris, besides being very stylish, also help the weavers to boost their livelihood.

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2. Ayurvedic Products

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Pachmarhi is famous for its honey and other Ayurvedic medicines. One can get excellent quality herbal supplements at Pachmarhi along with local honey which is famous for its rich taste. The nectar of this honey is further used for medicinal purposes, which are believed to cure many challenging diseases. So, make sure that you check Ayurvedic products in Pachmarhi.

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3. Bamboo items

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One can always buy bamboo works from the markets of Pachmarhi. Bamboo items such as fishing nets, baskets and hunting equipment are widely sold in the markets of Pachmarhi. Not only are bamboo products environmentally friendly, but they are also attractive in appearance and have durable resistance. Bamboo items are used a lot among the people of Pachmarhi so make sure you pack some of them too!

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4. Metal Idols

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The people of Pachmarhi usually keep metal idols of deities in their homes. In the city markets, you can choose from hundreds of attractive metal sculptures. You can also find simple and designer portraits that can enhance the beauty of your drawing room as well as they are great for people who hold their faith in religious beliefs.

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5. painting

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Dyeing botanical paintings of the people of Pachmarhi and paintings depicting Mughal traditions were found in the caves of the Satpura hills. Given that these paintings trace their importance from pre-historic times, it is quite interesting and interesting to have one of these in your living room!

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Tips for shopping in Pachmarhi

The following tips should be kept in mind while shopping in Pachmarhi

  • Make sure you buy products that have no defects because returning the product can be really difficult as there are many similar street shops, and even shoppers may not be ready for it.
  • Do your research in advance on local items so that you can distinguish between authentic people and those that are usually mass produced.
  • Move jute or cotton bags in an effort to reduce plastic consumption
    Always carry cash for shopping as markets will not accept cards for payment

Shopping in Pachmarhi is not only an entertaining getaway, but also an opportunity to explore the culture and tradition, which is rooted in the lifestyle of each house in that place. From Ayurvedic products and paintings to bamboo and silk items, there are a wide range of products that you can buy on your next trip to Madhya Pradesh as you explore the streets of Pachmarhi!

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Frequently asked questions about shopping in Pachmarhi

Q. What should everyone buy in Pachmarhi?

a. The following items should be purchased at Pachmarhi:
1. Honey
2. Herbal Supplements
3. painting
4. Metal work
5. Bamboo items

Q. Do shops in Pachmarhi accept cards for payment?

a. Some shops in Pachmarhi accept credit and debit cards while many do not. It is better to always keep the cache.

Q. What are the places to visit in Pachmarhi?

a.Places to visit in Pachmarhi are: –
1. Bees Falls
2. Dhopgarh
3. Pandava Caves
4. Jata Shankar Cave
5. Handi Lost
6. Mahadev Hills
7. Duchess Falls
8. Satpura National Park

Q. Which are the famous markets in Pachmarhi?

a. Some of the most famous markets for shopping in Pachmarhi are:
1. Novelty shopping area
2. ITC Chaupal Sagar
3. Local Market
4. Bhokai Complex

Q. What is the best time to visit Pachmarhi?

a.The best time to visit Pachmarhi is between October to March in the winter months as summers are very hot and the monsoons receive heavy rains.

Q. How to reach Pachmarhi?

a.The nearest airport to Pachmarhi is Bhopal Airport, through which one can easily reach Pachmarhi.

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