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Shoes summer 2020, will the Crocs be back in fashion?

Shoes summer 2020, will the Crocs be back in fashion?

There are all the conditions for the return (fashion) of Crocs shoes in 2020

Sometimes they come back. And this time it’s up to the shoes that created the most fanfare, when they were spotted for the first time on the Christopher Kane S / S 2017 catwalk, as well as proposed again by the designer Demna Gvasalia for Balenciaga. We are talking about the Crocs.

In itself it is a simple but impossible idea not to open a debate: are they brilliant? Am I a bad gimmick? They certainly collide with the image of an elegant, feminine and balanced fashion. But as we have seen in recent years, fashion is also creativity, experimentation and daughter of the era we live in. Summarizing in a nutshell, fashion is an expression of contemporaneity. And it is a fact that the world is experiencing an unprecedented crisis condition caused by Covid-19.

Leaving aside aesthetics (they are the antithesis of femininity, of beauty bourgeois ) Crocs shoes are born to be comfortable. The shape has been studied to guarantee comfort to the foot, protecting the toes. To this is added the peculiarity that they are light and easy to wash, drying in a short time, because they are made of a particular patented resin, Croslite: that’s why they are often preferred to cousins ​​wood / leather clogs. With all these elements we understand why Crocs’ fashion is re-bursting in time of Coronavirus.

Smart working does not require a pair of trendy shoes, designer sneakers or stilettos, while Crocs are suitable for walking the dog (see Whitney Hartley Wagner’s look), for go shopping fast or just to be comfortable at home (see Ariana Grande and Pharrell Williams who wear them with white socks). So even those who consider them “ugly”, at this moment, perhaps, will give in to the temptation to buy a couple …

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