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Vellore is a delightful holiday destination 140 km from Chennai. Vellore is an ideal tourist destination for outdoor enthusiasts, especially visitors visiting historical and cultural sites and also for medical check-ups. The Fort of Vellore is a major historical site which was controlled by the Nayaks, Marathas and the British.Some of the attractions of Vellore are Vellore Fort, State Government Museum, Kavalur Observatory, Clock Tower, Church of South India, Amirathi Forest, Vilpakkam, Sripuram Golden Temple and French Bungalow. Along with the top attractions, you will also find some amazing places Shopping in Vellore.

You can choose a place where street shopping can be fun and can also save money. Visit these places with your family and friends and start shopping without damaging your pocket. Shopping malls, supermarkets for groceries and the search for traditional vintage hawks for clothes and hats emerge in Vellore as a good alternative to fun things.

6 Best Places to Shop in Vellore

Check out this list of top places to shop in Vellore and buy some amazing souvenirs for your loved ones.

1. Shopping Singapore

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One of the best things about Shopping Singapore place in Vellore is that all the products sold here are high in quality compared to the cheaper price in the market. You get a standard discount on purchasing any product made here. And it is not so, if you are a regular shopkeeper; Shopping Singapore also provides door to door services. You purchase any product from the shopping Singapore place in Vellore and get the goods delivered to your place.

Know: 7 / G Commissary Market, Markadai Street, Moongil Mundi, Vellore, Tamil Nadu 632004, India
opening time: 10 AM – 10 AM
What to buy: Fancy item

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2. Commissionary Market

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This place is one of the most sought after places in Vellore if you want to shop for clothes and clothes and many items. The market is organized with roadside shops that provide you with the best designed clothes and fabrics at a reasonable price. However, there are a large number of shops and showrooms of local and international brands from where you can find the best outfits for you.

Know: Vellore, Commissionerate Marketplace, 781001
opening time: 10 AM – 10 AM

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3. Shanti Shopping Center

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Shanti Shopping Center Place in Vellore is basically a commercial space or what we might call a hub with a circular type of market. This is the perfect place where you can really bargain while shopping. Even you can get different types of shoes with hand work done on them, it demands a comparatively high price, but they are really worth that. Overall, the Shanti Shopping Center is the most suitable place for those who like to change their fashion and style as Vellore gets this idea of ​​your fashion by providing you with all kinds of clothes as well as trends. will complete.

Know: 84 A Post Office Street, Sholingur Bazar, Vellore – 631102
opening time: 10 AM – 10 AM

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4. Shripal Fancy Store

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The Shripal Fancy Store in Vellore is an ideal place to shop for traditional shopping items like baby toys, birthday gifts, chocolate gift boxes and all kinds of gift items. Shripal Fancy Stores is doing primary category shopping. If you are looking for Baby Toys, Birthday Gifts, Chocolate Gift Boxes and Clothing then Shripal Fancy Store is the right place to find them.

Know: 14 No, KVM Street, BSS Koil Street, KVM Street, Vellore, Tamil Nadu 632004, India
opening time: 10 AM – 10 AM
What to buy: Gift item

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5. Annapurna Complex

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Annapurna Complex is a famous shopping market in Vellore. The Annapurna Complex is one of the oldest shopping areas in the city of Vellore. The Annapurna Complex is located in the central region. The Annapurna Complex is a residential-cum-commercial area for a wide variety of shops, and shopping and market areas. The Annapurna complex is indeed famous for its commercial market. Annapurna Complex has various shops for new jewelery at reasonable rates. People of the region prefer shopping in Vellore for the purpose.

Know: Katpadi Road, Kumarappan Nagar, KRS Nagar, Katpadi, Vellore, Tamil Nadu 632007, India
opening time: Twenty four hours
What to buy: All products for shopping, basically jewelery

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6. Grace Super Market

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Grace Supermarket is better to be a part of local communities in Vellore, and customers can always count great prices on fresh products for us, you can buy all the pulses, spices, wheat etc. and also serve to grind them in ata Can take. Can also process maida, bran gram, spices, very reasonably priced, and thousands of low price below every sale. You can buy beautifying agent, cleanser, toothpaste, bathroom tissue, tissue, foil wrap, cleanser, cleaner, bug shower, etc. Some people use domestic workers to make light of the fact that they feel comfortable in nearby markets.

Know: Jawan Bhawan, Near SBI, Tamil Nadu 632001, India
opening time: 10 AM – 9 PM
What to buy: Grocery

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Shopping in Vellore is a paradise, the shopping area for Vellore is a great deal to attract customers and visitors. For the people of Vellore and even for tourists and others who come to Vellore from any other state of India, they have had a fascinating experience when they came to Vellore about shopping. The first thing that most people count in shopping is clothes. Yes, especially young girls and women are very conscious about their clothes and prefer to buy it in the best way possible by compromising their choice. So, here we have the best destination for you to choose the best casual, formal or branded clothes. Plan your vacation to Tamil Nadu and have fun!

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Frequently asked questions about shopping in Vellore

Q. Which are the popular shopping centers in Vellore?

a. Vellore is home to some designed shopping centers. Depending on your shopping plan what you want to buy, but some popular shopping centers in Vellore are Shanti Shopping Center, Annapurna Complex, Shripal Fancy Store, Shopping Singapore.

Q. Why is Vellore famous?

a. The city of Vellore is famous for medical examination, education and also for fort and temple. It is also famous for food, especially for biryani.

Q. What are the most popular items to buy from Vellore?

a. The most popular items purchased from Vellore are clothing, jewelry, grocery and gift items.

Q. What is the best time to visit Vellore?

a. The best time to visit Vellore is in winter including the months of November to February. This is when the weather is at its best and provides pleasant weather to see the city well.

Q. What foods to try special Vellore?

a. You can especially try Chicken Varuval, Pazam Dosai, Meen Kuzhambu, Biryani, Barot.

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