Shed away those extra fats!

Extra Fats: With the change in lifestyle and eating habits, the maximum number of people are becoming obese. Plump are those who have more body weight and, at the same time, have a maximum fat deposit in his body. BMI (body mass index) is the way by which one can analyze if he is overweight or not. BMI is calculated with the help of the weight and height of the individual.  The person whose BMI is double is said to be obese.

Being fat is a severe problem that invites many other issues with it. A fat person has to struggle with many discomforts and difficulties. Extra fats badly affect the proper functioning of body organs. Hypertension, diabetes, fatty liver is some of the diseases which an obese face.

extra fats

Junk and fast food play a significant role in increasing the weight of the body. Such food is available everywhere, and everybody looks forward to eating them as they are handily and readily available. Moreover, working conditions have also increased the dependency on these fast foods. As both the partners are working, they find it quite easy to go for junk food as they don’t have to cook it.

Bodyweight increases

As a result, body weight increases giving rise to many problems. It also gives way to emotional issues. With so many questions, one should try to shed away extra fats and should aim at becoming fit and fine.

shed away those extra fats
shed away those extra fats

Start your day with a warm cup of water, add lemon juice to it, and make it a point to drink plenty of water throughout a day. If you wish to drink tea or if you are an addict to brew, then switch on to green tea. Drink plenty of it. It won’t harm you.

Avoid eating with things like sugar, rice, white pasta, bread, etc. eat more fresh and seasonal vegetables. Instead of having three heavy meals, divide your food into five small meals. Junk food and fast food should be avoided altogether. Don’t forget to eat one fruit daily.

Exercise daily

Apart from eating regime, don’t forget to exercise daily. Walking is good exercise. Half an hour of brisk walk or jogging can be done daily. Don’t forget to consult your doctor before starting any exercise. He will guide you with the best-suited practice according to your problem and health.

exercise daily
exercise daily

Sleep for 7-8 hours daily. This will help in minimizing the stress hormones and will be beneficial in reducing abdominal fats. Note down the food consumed every day to keep the record of calories. Drink toned or double toned milk. Eat cheese or curd made from toned milk.

Shed toxins

Needless to say, never forget to shed toxins from your body. Get indulged in an exercise which helps in sweating. This will help in releasing toxins from the body. This helps in shedding out the cellulite. At the same time, it will help in toning and tightening of the body.

Massage and skin brushing is another good method which is helpful in shedding extra fats. .starts with a little message for a few minutes, then increasing it to 20 minutes this will help with skin adjust and reducing that extra pounds from your body.

Cut down the intake of sugar and salt. Avoid sweet juice as they are rich in calories and more likely to increase the weight of the person. The water is rather a good option while following a weight loss program. Consumption of tea and coffee should be avoided altogether. Lemon juice added to plain water is helpful in shedding extra weight on the body.

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