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Sfera Ebbasta Net Worth: Sfera Ebbasta is an Italian rapper with a net worth of $ 10 million. He is best known for his two # 1 albums in Italy.

Sfera Ebbasta Net Worth
Sfera Ebbasta Net Worth

Sfera Ebbasta was born in Sesto San Giovanni, Lombardy, Italy in December 1992. He released his first studio album XDVR with Charlie Charles in 2015 and the album reached 38th place in Italy. Ebbasta released their eponymous album in 2016 and reached No. 1 in Italy, No. 31 in Belgium, and No. 35 in Switzerland. He released the album Rockstar in 2018 and reached No. 1 in Italy and No. 2 in Switzerland as well as No. 38 in Belgium.

The album was 5x Platinum in Italy. He started his career uploading videos to YouTube from 2010 to 2012. In 2018, he released a reissue of the Rockstar album called Popstar Edition. In 2018, it was supposed to occur in a nightclub, but a panic-induced stampede took place, killing six people and injuring several others.

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