Seven Times Athletes Went Above And Beyond For Their Fans

It often seems that the world is constantly fighting against itself. There is a lot of anger and sadness, and it can seem like a constant stream of troubles and troubles.

Sometimes, however, we can witness incredible acts of humanity. The athletes below have shown exceptional kindness, making an extra effort for their fans.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best football players of all time. As a result, it has fans around the world, big and small. And he gave one of the little ones a memory that will last a lifetime.

As Portugal got on their bus to the World Cup, some fans gathered nearby. One of the fans, a young boy, was a big fan of Ronaldo, wearing the jersey of his favorite player. The boy started crying after realizing that the team was already on the bus – he had missed his chance to meet his hero.

Ronaldo had none. He jumped off the bus and said hello to the young fan. He even wiped the tears from his eyes before taking a few pictures together. It was an act that lasted 30 seconds, but this kid will never forget it.

Dwyane Wade

From the time the Heat drafted him in 2003, Dwyane Wade became a hero of Miami. In 2013, he was one of the best players in the league. He had already won two championships and was headed for a third. There was yet another help he had to give before issuing this title: taking a high school student to the prom.

Nicole Muxo was looking forward to getting the ball rolling and graduating from Archbishop Coleman Carroll High School in Miami and asked Wade to prom via a YouTube video. Earlier in the school year, she asked Wade to go home. He refused it then, but his persistence paid off. Much like Wade’s own personal mantra: “fall seven, get up eight”, Muxo continued to ask the Heat guard to dance until he appeared at one. Wade and the school danced and took photos throughout the night.

Muxo called it the highlight of her last year and said it’s something she will remember forever.

P.K. Subban

NHL defensemen are often the most skilled players on the ice. They must be in the right positions without revealing too much to the other team. It may be fair that P.K. Subban, then a member of the Montreal Canadiens, also removed this state of mind from the ice.

Subban went undercover as a corpulent security guard named Karl. He accompanied a group of children to the Canadiens training center.

Subban joked that it was “a dream come true with people like that.” And the look of joy on the faces of the children showed that Subban was not the only dream to come true. The defender challenged everyone against him, and although they probably weren’t victorious, they couldn’t have asked for a better day.

Justin tucker, Dennis Pittaand Brandon Williams

A ticket to a single NFL game is expensive. Buying them for a whole season is a major commitment. Some members of the Baltimore Ravens wanted to make this engagement even more special.

Kicker Justin Tucker, tight end Dennis Pitta and defensive forward Brandon Williams have joined forces with the Ravens band to hand out subscriptions to lucky fans.

How cool would it be if players from your favorite team brought tickets straight to your door, while playing a fanfare in the background? the fan reaction says it all.

Matt Kemp

Joshua Jones was 19 years old brain cancer. His family took him to a Dodgers game, grabbing front row seats along the third base line. During the game, Joshua’s father started a conversation with Tim Dodach, the Dodgers’ third base coach. After hearing about the situation, Wallach shared the details with Kemp.

The Dodgers were hanging out at the time, but they just got inspired. The team finally won the match, with Kemp ensuring the final. But he hadn’t finished yet.

After the match, Kemp returned to where the family was sitting to go out. He signed autographs and even gave Joshua the jersey he had worn during the match. Kemp took the family to another game later in the season, offering them front row tickets.

Cam Newton

Cam Newton is currently a free agent, taking his time before signing with his next team. Back when he was with the Carolina Panthers, the quarterback played a huge role for a young fan.

Newton discovered Elijah Aschbrenner, a 10-year-old boy with terminal cancer. Elijah liked three things: Halloween, the Carolina Panthers and the Auburn Tigers. And thanks to his family and Newton, he was able to combine all three at the same time.

Elijah’s family did not know if he would arrive at Halloween, so they organized a party for him in late September. Newton got wind of the party and decided to make an appearance. Not only that, but he also brought an ice cream truck to distribute treats to all of the guests.

Elijah had the opportunity to celebrate one on October 31, before dying on November 11, 2015. Newton then won the MVP title and took the Panthers to the Super Bowl that season.

Roger Federer

Roger Federer is arguably the greatest tennis player of all time, and it turns out that he is also a great guy. Beatriz Tinoco, 17, who has previously had cancer twice, asked to meet his idol Federer. Many athletes will accept requests from the Make-A-Wish Foundation, but Federer has gone further.

The tennis star took Beatriz and his family to London to watch him play Wimbledon. Beatriz also obtained photographs and autographs as well as a tour of the facilities with Federer and the presidents of Wimbledon. Federer also invited Beatriz to play tennis on the sacred ground.

As Beatriz said about this moment: “After her workout, he tells me we’re going to strike for a while and Sev says” but she doesn’t have a racket “and Roger is like” she can use one of mine “(!! !!!!!)”

You can read the full recap of Beatriz’s meeting here – it will make you smile.

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