Seth Rogen Clarifies Past Comments About Emma Watson Walking Off This Is the End Set

Seth Rogen has clarified recent comments made about filming his movie This Is the End. Specifically, in a recent interview, the actor/director/producer discussed a scene in the movie that Harry Potter star Emma Watson was originally scheduled to appear in, though it was ultimately decided that she wouldn’t do so. Recent reports have suggested that Emma Watson left the set unprofessionally. Rogen has now made it clear that is not the case.

Emma Watson appeared in This Is the End alongside Seth Rogen, who also co-directed the movie with Evan Goldberg. In a recent interview with G.Q, Rogen addressed rumors that Watson walked off the set at one point while filming a scene toward the end of the movie. Rogen confirmed that Watson was indeed originally on set and left. However, he recently released a statement on Twitter clearing things up, making sure to note that Watson was in no way unprofessional. Here’s what Rogen had to say about it.

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“I want to correct a story that has emerged from a recent interview I gave. It misrepresents what actually happened. Emma Watson did not ‘storm off the set’ and it’s s****y that the perception is that she did. The narrative that she was in some way uncool or unprofessional is complete b******t. I for sure should have communicated better and because I didn’t, she was put in an uncomfortable position.”

The scene in question takes place at the end of the movie. Danny McBride’s character, in the aftermath of the apocalypse, has become a cannibal. The surviving members of the group, including Seth Rogen and James Franco, encounter McBride and his cannibal gang. McBride, aside from eating human flesh, now has Channing Tatum as his gimp, who is crawling on the ground on his hands and knees.

In the original interview, Seth Rogen explained that the scene changed a lot from the page to screen. “I think sometimes when you read something, when it comes to life it doesn’t seem to be what you thought it was,” he said. In his Twitter statement, Rogen further explained that Emma Watson was professional about it and that he would be happy to work with her again.

“She and I spoke on the night; It was overall a s****y situation and it must have been hard for her to say something and I’m very happy and impressed that she did. We agreed on her not being in the scene together. I was thrilled for the opportunity to work with her and would be thrilled to get that opportunity again. I am very sorry and disappointed it happened, and I wish I had done more to prevent it.”

This Is the End was released in 2013. It served as Seth Rogen’s feature directorial debut. At the time, it was met with largely positive reviews and went on to earn $126 million at the global box office. You can check out the new statement in its entirety from Seth Rogen’s Twitter.

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