Serena P. Discusses The Drama & Friendships Viewers Didn’t

In this exclusive interview, Serena P. reveals that the toxic season fans saw isn’t accurate. What did she have to say about hidden friendships?

Between the many racial controversies and devastating ending, there were several things to criticize about Matt James’ season of The Bachelor, and former contestant Serena Pitt is now clearing the air. One of the most prevalent complaints among fans was how much airtime was devoted to drama and bullying among the women. To viewers, it seemed like there was no camaraderie among contestants, but according to Serena, that couldn’t have been farther from the truth. The top-four contestant can attest to the fact that there was a lot that fans didn’t get to see, and it could have shown the entire season in a different light. She provided insight in a recent exclusive interview with Screen Rant.

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Serena developed a strong relationship with Matt early on and she was on the show for nearly the entire season. So it’s no surprise that she had a lot of time to spend with the other women. From the beginning, it seemed to fans that production prioritized drama over showing relationships developing. There were many instances of bullying among contestants. But in this exclusive, Serena said what viewers saw didn’t reflect the reality that she experienced.

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Each episode of The Bachelor clocks in at under two hours, but there are hours and hours of footage shot, so it’s inevitable that some scenes are left on the cutting room floor. According to Serena, those scenes were some of her favorites. “There’s so much I would have liked viewers to see,” she said. “I think there [were] some really beautiful, special moments that Matt and I shared that unfortunately weren’t able to be shown just due to time.” But it wasn’t just her time with Matt that didn’t make it to air—there was a lot of friendship between the women that got cut as well.

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The bubbly Canadian revealed that though it was awkward for the women to all be dating the same man, they were actually very close and wish viewers got to see that. “We sound like a broken record, but all the girls really just wish the friendships and the laughs and the funny moments got shown a little bit more,” Serena commented. “There [were] a lot of happy moments and fun moments and romantic moments that it would have been nice if people got to see, just to learn more about who we are as people.

Serena may not have walked away with an engagement, but she left with something valuable nonetheless. “I definitely have built some really great friendships from the season,” she said. Though she is closest with Bri, Michelle, and Ryan, Serena also made friends with Chelsea, Abigail, Pieper, and even Rachael, who was her roommate on the show. Should Serena decide to go on Bachelor in Paradise, she’ll be sure to see many familiar and friendly faces on the beach. “I have been so grateful to come out of this franchise with so many incredible friendships and so many strong, admirable women in my life,” Serena added.

It’s great to hear that the women on Matt’s season of The Bachelor got along so well in real life, but viewers wish they could have seen it. The overabundance of drama and toxic behavior last season was excessive and, quite frankly, depressing. Sure fans want to see some drama, but not to the extent they got with Matt’s women. The relationships between contestants and the lead are, of course, the most important, however, the friendships between contestants can be just as compelling, and often longer-lasting. If only fans got to see them.

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