Sentiments of a soldier

Sentiments of a soldier

Sentiments of a soldier

As I walk down the lane of my solitaire journey, endless thoughts and feelings of my loved ones are captured by my mind. The thoughts come gushing towards me like the furious waves of the sea, which give me an illusion of both, nearness and distantness.

While sitting beside the seashore, I could reminisce the unforgettable days of my life which I spent a few months back when I was in my home town, for my holidays for a few weeks. Those moments were as precious as a treasure. It has always been the fun filled moments of my life which I treasure.

How can I forget the tiny arms of my children who rushed to me and encircled me with their soft and cuddly arms? Their act made the core of my eyes slightly wetter, but determined me to spend my holidays in providing complete happiness to my family. I very cleverly wiped off those tiny drops which started to roll down my cheeks.

I planted a deep kiss on their tender cheeks and headed towards my parents who were trying to greet me with their old and weak steps. As I bent down to touch their feet, they showered me with endless blessings. They considered it as a matter of pride that I was not only serving the family, but was also an active soldier at the border front. I wished I could look after them in their old age, but they were happy enough to see me serving my nation instead of them.

After meeting them, my eyes started searching my soul mate who was waiting for her turn to greet, standing behind the door and expected me to cross those few miles. Her eyes were speaking, portrayed all of her emotions and we’re waiting eagerly for my arrival. I didn’t know what to say to her, as her compromise and sacrifice is just beyond words and expressions.

All of a sudden, my pet Sheru came running towards me, wagging his tail. I must admit that he is like a family member to me and looks after my family while I am looking over the country. I slightly patted him on his back; he lay down at my feet and started licking them.

I was undoubtedly overwhelmed by the warm welcome. Before I could think of anything, few of my close friends came to meet me and occupied most of my day as they knew that I was going to stay with the family for the next few weeks.

There was an atmosphere of a festival where relatives and friends were visiting and making me indulge more in my social life. Completely involved in the family, I forgot that I have my nation calling for its service and like my thoughts, my holidays came to an end with the drops of sea water which fell on my face. Suddenly I realized that my face was not wet, but it was downhearted with the mesmerizing thoughts which were revealed by the drops of tears in my eyes.

It was already 6 months since I last saw my family and at any time I would be allowed to go for a holiday again. That simple thought energized me with immense optimism that I forgot the sufferings of the past few months. Now, I started looking forward to the holidays which were on the cards, thus, filling me with energy and enthusiasm to serve my country even better than before.

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