Senior Travel Tours: Travel tips for Senior Citizens


Senior Travel Tours: Travel tips for Senior Citizens

Senior Travel Tours: Navigating multi-city and round the world, travel can be tricky especially for Senior Citizen travellers and those with mobility or health concerns.

You don’t have to stop travelling just because you’re getting older. Travel means more a lifetime of knowledge. It allows you to fully appreciate the new experiences you’re having. Senior citizens have worked all their lives for their family .it’s time for them to enjoy their lives in their old age. There is no age limit to travel. However many older travellers have to take into account factors that those of us in our prime never consider.

Senior Travel Tours
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To find out how seniors and their loved ones can navigate the world of modern travel safely and enjoy every moment.

Plan Your Trip with a whole plan

Research before you embarks on your vacation. It is advisable to conduct a thorough research of vacation destination that will be best for you. Planning a trip will consist of many components such as location, time of year, transportation costs and food. First thing zero in on the place you would like to visit. Countries like Europe, United States and England are senior citizen friendly and they also offer some attractive discount.

Health checkup: Begin with complete health check-up. A very essential steps more so ever, if you have an existing ailment. Inform the doctor about your vacation. Discuss possible diet, medication and any emergency contact numbers. Check if you can have some vaccinations to avoid illness. And last don’t forget to visit your dentist and optometrist.

Travel Insurance

Insurance: while travel insurance is important for people of any age. It truly is essential for older travellers who are more at risk of falling and hurting themselves, getting sick or needing extra medication.

Stay safe on your feet by wearing comfortable shoes in order to get through full days of walking and touring. Wearing flats will also help older travellers to stay steady on their feet. Heel even small ones can make you more prone to spraining an ankle or falling. Flats will help you stay comfortable and balanced.

What’s the best way to fly comfortably? .If you have back problems or achy joints or just feel claustrophobic on the plane, the best option is to spend more on your fare by upgrading to economy comfort, premium economy, Business or First Class.

Happy Stomach

Happy stomach: make sure you eat light. Avoid eating junk or sweet and stick to your dietary plan as much as you can. This will help avoid unnecessary infection or allergies. Also, keep bottled water to stay hydrated.

At Airports, you are required to carry your hand luggage. So keep it light. Carry your own document, air tickets, medication and the prescription in the handbag. If you require a wheelchair at the airport inform the airlines well in advance. The airline staff will normally ensure that you board or alight from the aeroplane before the other passengers. If necessary the staff will help you with the immigration and customs formalities. Many airline affix ‘Special attentionbaggage tags so you don’t have any difficulties as you walk through the airport.

Don’t advertise your Absence

Don’t advertise your Absence: this is an important tip. The elderly are perceived as soft targets by people with malicious intent. It is wrongly presumed that hotels and lodges are very secure. However, that’s not quite the case. To offset such risk, it is helpful to be a bit secretive about your absence at your place of residence. For instance, don’t make a mistake of putting up a sign as ‘clean my room’ on your door. That advertise your absence which in turn exposes you to the risk of burglary.

Have fun: don’t forget to have a good time. The intention of a vacation is to enjoy bonding with one another and make memories and not to feel tired by the end of it. So keep itinerary light and fun.

For seniors who might be afraid to travel should go with a group or book a cruise-river ocean or adventure. After one or two group experience you’ll have the confidence to venture out on your own.

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