37 Unique Semicolon Tattoo Ideas and Placement

37 Unique Semicolon Tattoo Ideas and Placement

Why exactly is a semicolon significant? This punctuation essentially connects two independent thoughts without the use of a conjunction. Such a vital role, however, it is more than that. Have you noticed a lot of people getting a semicolon tattoo? The small tattoo may seem insignificant to you, but know that it has tremendous value. Before we dive into this tattoo design’s meaning read on about the beauty of a semi-colon according to essayist Lewis Thomas:

Unique Semicolon Tattoo

21. Warrior Semicolon Tattoo

Show everyone the warrior in you with this tattoo artwork.

Warrior Semicolon Tattoo

22. Watercolor Feather Semicolon Tattoo

Needless to say, others opt for a watercolor tattoo because they are tired of the plain black ink. However, it could likewise mean you are looking forward to your vibrant colorful life ahead.

Watercolor Semicolon Tattoo

23. White Ink Semicolon Tattoo

Need to remind yourself to always look in the bright side of things? Choose this white ink tattoo on the finger.

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White Semicolon Tattoo

24. Yin yang Semicolon Tattoo

Besides a commitment to life, you can also create a Yin Yang design for your tattoo. This ink design represents harmony and solidarity of life.

Yinyang Semicolon Tatttoo

Semicolon Tattoo Designs

Looking for more semicolon designs? Say no more, here are more stunning semicolon ink.

25. Bird Tattoo

With these birds flying high, it creates a perfect artwork to combine with a semicolon. It stands for hope, peace, and love in life.

Bird Semicolon Tattoo

26. Butterfly Tattoo

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of butterfly semicolon tattoo ideas. Here below for one is a beautiful and realistic ink sample.

Butterfly Semicolon Tattoo

27. Sunflower Tattoo

The sunflower which appears like the sun is always associated with luck and happiness. In combining it with your semicolon ink, these two aspects will hopefully increase in your life.

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Flower Semicolon Tattoo

28. Heart Semicolon Tattoo

Once again, the heart semicolon tattoo meaning is to commit in loving life.

Heart Semicolon Tattoo

29. Infinity Tattoo

One of the popular ink design is the infinity tattoo. Adding it to the semicolon ink stands for the limitless possibilities in your life.

Infinity Semicolon Tattoo

30. Semicolon Cat Tattoo

Then again, it is not always about the struggles and obstacles you encounter. It can also be about your favorite feline that you love dearly.

Semicolon Cat Tattoo

31. Music Note Tattoo

Are you a music lover? Fill your life with the melody of music with this remarkable tattoo.

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Music Semicolon Tattoo

32. Semicolon Phoenix Tattoo

The Phoenix tattoo is seen as a renewal or start of a new life. When you include in a semicolon, it can mean a promising life for you in the future.

Semicolon Phoenix Tattoo

33. Cross And Semicolon Tattoo

As previously mentioned, the semicolon and cross tattoo meaning shows your faith and love for life and for the one who created it.

Cross And Semicolon Tattoo Meaning

34. Semicolon Dragonfly Tattoo

Like the butterfly, the dragonfly is also a favorite tattoo design. This artistic ink represents your strength and courage in facing life.

Semicolon Dragonfly Tattoo

Best Semicolon Tattoo Placement

Interestingly, it is not only the design that holds meaning to it. The person’s decision where to place the tattoo likewise adds to its significance.

35. Behind the ear

Placing a semicolon ink behind the ear means that the wearer will learn and listen to the insights of the past.

Semicolon Tattoo BeSemicolon Tattoo Behind Earhind Ear

36. On the wrist

A lot of people choose a wrist tattoo. For those with strong tendencies to hurt themselves, this is the ideal place to position their ink. In placing their tattoo there, they can reduce the temptation to harm themselves.

Semicolon Temporary Tattoo

37. On the finger

Lastly, a tattoo on the finger sees to it that the individual doesn’t fight against his or herself in their everyday life. The tattoo reminds the individual to always respond or behave in a positive light.

Finger Semicolon Tattoo

Getting a Semi-colon Tattoo

If it’s your first time to get inked, it is better to plan before heading to a tattoo parlor. On your scheduled day to get a tattoo, see to it that you got enough sleep and you had a balanced meal before getting inked. Moreover, make sure that you are well-hydrated on that day to cover you through the whole session. Similarly, pick clothes that you can readily take off or move so that the tattoo artist will have quick access to it.

Lastly, in case you are taking medications or if you have a particular medical condition, inform your professional tattoo artist before getting inked.

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Semicolon Tattoo Price

The price of a tattoo varies based on your location, tattoo size, and design. Thus, it is best to explore your options first before settling on a professional artist or a tattoo salon.

How much does a Semicolon Tattoo cost?

Semicolon Tattoo For Guys

In any event, a small tattoo can cost you around $40. Of course, if you opt for custom colors and design it will cost you more. Furthermore, if you prefer a design that is roughly the size of your palm or bigger the charge usually is based on an hourly rate of the artist. Again, the rate will depend on your location, but it is more or less $100 to $200 per hour.

How long does a Semicolon Tattoo take?

The time it will take to complete your tattoo will depend on several factors. First, it will depend on the size of the design. A small simple tattoo can be completed in five minutes. However, your pain tolerance must be also taken into consideration. All the same, discuss with your artist how long your tattoo will take.

Don’t forget to choose a credible tattoo artist. Research carefully the salon or artist you choose, but it doesn’t mean you will look for the one with a bargain price. If you have friends who already have tattoos, ask for recommendations. In case you come across an artist who doesn’t want to answer your questions or makes you uncomfortable, then leave.

Undoubtedly, the semicolon tattoo is a perennial concept that is here to stay. In choosing your tattoo design, see to it that the concept you ink on your skin has an everlasting style. With the immense significance of this ink, it is absolutely a sensible and brilliant idea.

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